Where Does The Money From A Speeding Ticket Go?

By James Baxter, NMA President In this land where reality and fiction are indistinguishable there is a dead legal principle that says judges and courts should not personally benefit from the results of their rulings. Obviously, there is a conflict of interest anytime a judge’s well being would be affected by his or her decision. […]

Gas Saving Myths And Truths

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist Even though gas prices have settled down — for now — most of us no longer have the luxury of not worrying about how much we’re spending on gas, even when it’s “only” two-dollars-per. Here are a few things that can help — and which you may not have thought […]

The Ignition Interlock Hoax

By James Baxter, NMA President MADD and its bloated stepmother, NHTSA, have been pushing for mandated ignition interlock devices (IIDs), preferably in all vehicles, but they know from experience these things have to be done in an incremental fashion, or there could be severe public backlash and resistance. One can currently assume that the breathalyzer […]

Why Are Politicians Trying To Kill The Fuel Tax?

By Jim Baxter, NMA President A federally appointed commission just released a report spelling out the demise of fuel taxes as a means to fund transportation projects. To replace the fuel tax they recommend that all vehicles be equipped with monitoring devices so taxes can be applied on a per mile traveled basis. The commission […]

Traffic Tickets: A Tax Increase By Other Means

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist Governments all over the country are looking for creative ways to increase their cashflow — without a formal tax raise. Instead of filching through everyone’s pockets via a new sales tax or jacking up the real estate assessment — actions that generate outrage among the peasantry, especially as the economy […]

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