Breath-Alcohol Analysis: How Reliable Is It?

By Gerald D. Simpson, Ph.D. In a 1983 law review article, Stephen G. Thompson observed the following: “Modern criminal justice is premised upon the requirement that a criminal defendant be proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt before punishment can be meted out. This standard of proof is severe; its severity is based upon a collective […]

It Always Starts As A Choice…

In Arizona, legislation has been introduced that would create driver’s licenses equipped with radio-frequency identification (RFID) computer chips. The RFID chip would be voluntary under the proposed legislation, but if the past is any indication, it may not be for long. Voluntary may not even be the right description of the current legislation because the […]

Scales Of Injustice: The Radargate Corruption Scandal

This is a guest post by Benjamen Ober, a student at Duke University in the Terry Sanford Institute for Public Policy. Tim Shingara does not look like a man you would expect to be working for the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP).  His shoulder-length hair, thick mustache, tight black t-shirt, torn jeans and intense stare exude […]

8 Questions About Traffic Tickets That Politicians Never Answer

The classic image of government-endorsed corruption is the “highwayman” with badge and gun extracting money from a compromised traveler with no hope or relief in sight. In the past these scenes were depicted in the wastelands of Mexico, or in the old “Iron Curtain” countries before the Berlin Wall met its deserved end. Ironically, these […]

Road Rules To Live By

Nobody’s perfect behind the wheel – from the best of us to the worst of us. But it’s not difficult to avoid making common mistakes when driving. No special skills or training are needed. Just a little forethought — and a little common sense. Here’s a list of particulars — the to do’s (and not-to-do’s): […]

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