The Secret Behind The Popularity Of Traffic Calming

The term “traffic calming” is simply a device to put a favorable “spin” on tactics used to obstruct, divert and slow traffic. Proponents of these tactics are usually persons who live along urban or suburban streets and object to motor vehicle traffic passing by their homes. Although residents usually couch their complaints in terms like […]

If It’s Not About The Money, Then Prove It

The National Motorists Association and its members know that engineering solutions are the real way to prevent red-light violations and accidents at problematic intersections. In fact, we are willing to wager $10,000 to prove that engineering will work better than ticket cameras. The revenue from ticket cameras serves as a reward to cities that fail […]

300 MPG Or Conspiracy Theory?

Maybe the conspiracy theorists were right after all. That was the first thought to pop into my head as I read about an engineer named Steve Fambro – and his 300 mpg hybrid Aptera two-seater. Yes, you read that right. Three hundred miles per gallon. Really. And even if he’s off by half, the mileage […]

Tyranny Of The Minority: Why Bad Traffic Laws Get Passed

By NMA President, James Baxter The new “energy bill” that has just been signed into law has been baking for a long time. The automakers, after months of wrangling with the petroleum industry, environmentalists, consumer watchdogs, and one another bit the bullet and signed up for new fuel economy standards. No doubt, the realization that […]

Carburetors 101: Learn The Basics

Fuel injection’s been standard equipment on new cars for something like 20 years now – so few under-30s have much hands-on experience with carburetors. But since virtually all classic-era cars had carbs and not FI, learning about carbs is as essential as understanding VIN codes – if you plan to keep the car original, anyhow. […]

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