NMA Principle Number 4: Freedom from Invasive Surveillance

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Freedom from Invasive Surveillance 

Myriad surveillance schemes – among them the tracking of motorists and vehicles by GPS, indiscriminate license plate data collection and retention, and the use of the driver’s license as a national ID card – do irreparable harm to the privacy rights of motorists.

The US is quickly approaching a time in the near future that someone can be tracked wherever they go through surveillance cameras, automated license plate cameras (ALPRs), other automated traffic enforcement devices (red-light cameras and speed cameras), face recognition software, GPS trackers, Sting Ray Devices that track cellphones, vehicle black boxes, smart parking meters, smart street lamps and toll transponders.

The near future sounds like it is already here.

Next wave of surveillance includes in-vehicle camera monitoring, connected car technology that includes V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle), and V2X (vehicle-to-infrastructure), wholescale predictive policing, and a way to count the miles you travel to tax.

Data mining of our whereabouts, likes, dislikes is already occurring along with the selling of our personal information gathered by our state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

Much of this surveillance equipment that our government and police are using against us is in the guise of safety or even more heinous—money—or policing for profit.

When will motorists wake up and realize the dreaded Big Brother is already here?

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