NMA Driving News Weekly Roundup for September 14, 2018

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In this week’s Driving News Roundup:

  • Texas Governor Campaigns on RLC Ban
  • Trump Tariffs targeted by over 60 Industry Groups
  • US House urges Senate to pass Driverless Car Legislation
  • Few Carmakers submitted self-driving car safety reports

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NMA Driving News Story of the Week

Texas Governor Campaigns on Red-Light Camera Ban
Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) believes opposing the use of red-light cameras could help him secure re-election in November. On Monday, Abbott released a four-point public safety plan that elevated the issue to the status of a key campaign promise. Under the heading of “strengthening the rights of Texas drivers,” the former state attorney general said he would “Prohibit local adoption of red-light cameras and preempt any local ordinances or policies permitting red-light cameras already in force.”

Trump tariffs targeted by broad swath of U.S. businesses
After months of waging a behind-the-scenes war against President Donald Trump’s trade tariffs, which have escalated far beyond what business groups once imagined, more than 60 U.S. industry groups are launching a coalition on Wednesday to take the fight public. Emergence of the group, Americans for Free Trade, comes after Trump has warmed to the use of tariffs, implementing billions of dollars’ worth in an effort to use them as a threat to win concessions or in the belief they will create U.S. jobs. “A lot of other interest groups thought they wouldn’t go this long or go this deep, but the layering effect (of tariffs) has finally gotten everyone to say: ‘Enough is enough.’”

House committee urges Senate to advance self-driving vehicle legislation
One year after the U.S. House of Representatives passed the bipartisan SELF DRIVE Act, House Energy and Commerce Committee leaders called on the Senate to advance automated vehicle legislation. “After a year of delays, forcing automakers and innovators to develop in a state-by-state patchwork of rules, the Senate must act to support this critical safety innovation and secure America’s place as a global leader in technology,” a media release from the House committee states. The House passed the SELF DRIVE Act by voice vote Sept. 6, 2017. Companion legislation remains tied up in the Senate.

If Farmers aren’t allowed to fix their own tractors, then how will the rest of us be able to fix our own cars?
Farmers have been some of the strongest allies in the ongoing battle to make it easier for everyone to fix their electronics. This week, though, a powerful organization that’s supposed to lobby on behalf of farmers in California has sold them out by reaching a watered-down agreement that will allow companies like John Deere to further cement their repair monopolies. Farmers around the country have been hacking their way past the software locks that John Deere and other manufacturers put on tractors and other farm equipment, and the Farm Bureau lobbying organization has thus far been one of the most powerful to put its weight behind right to repair legislation, which would require manufacturers to sell repair parts, make diagnostic tools and repair information available to the public, and would require manufacturers to provide a way to get around proprietary software locks that are designed to prevent repair.

Few carmakers submit self-driving car safety reports
The Trump administration has asked automakers to voluntarily outline how they are developing and testing self-driving cars on public roads. But only three companies have complied. Safety advocates say reports that have been submitted so far — by General Motors Co., Ford Motor Co. and the Google-affiliated Waymo, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration — resemble slick marketing brochures instead of stringent regulatory filings.

It’s Never Infrastructure Week
U.S. government investment spending is the lowest it’s been in 70 years. That’s probably too low.

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