NMA Driving News Weekly Roundup for May 11, 2018

In this week’s Driving News Roundup:

–Researchers say Draeger Breathalyzer is flawed—
–Fed Stats show alcohol, seatbelt use more relevant than speed during crashes—
–US House votes to overturn rule against car loan discrimination—
–Texas AG says state tax dollars cannot be used to build toll roads—
–A new kind of motorist trap in Arkansas—a Window Tint Trap–

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NMA Driving News Stories of the Week

Researchers say a breathalyzer has flaws, casting doubt on countless convictions
The source code behind a police breathalyzer widely used in multiple states — and millions of drunk driving arrests — is under fire. It’s the latest case of technology and the real world colliding — one that revolves around source code, calibration of equipment, two researchers and legal maneuvering, state law enforcement agencies, and Draeger, the breathalyzer’s manufacturer.

Federal Stats Show Alcohol, Seatbelt Use More Relevant Than Speed
Federal traffic fatality data released last week confirm that drinking, shifting demographics and seat belt use are the factors with the greatest impact on road safety. The new data show traffic fatalities continue to fall from the pre-recession peak of 1.46 deaths per hundred million miles traveled in 2005. Last year, the figure was 1.17. The preliminary 2017 number does represent an increase over the all-time low of 1.08 in 2014. In their attempt to keep those figures as low as possible, federal authorities have devoted the largest share of the national traffic safety budget to the bankrolling of speed traps, even though only 7 percent of accidents were caused by drivers exceeding the posted limit.

U.S. House votes to overturn rule against car loan discrimination
The U.S. House of Representatives voted on Tuesday to reverse a measure that aimed to prevent discrimination in auto lending, the latest challenge to a consumer finance watchdog’s oversight.

Texas AG says state funds cannot be used for toll roads
The issue of whether certain voter-approved funding can be used for Texas toll projects is just as complicated as it was last fall, one lawmaker says. “The discussions are all good, but the bottom line is today’s opinion just put us back at square one,” said Rep. Joe Pickett, D- El Paso. In response to Pickett’s request for an opinion on the matter, Attorney General Ken Paxton said Proposition 1 and Proposition 7 funds cannot be used for toll roads. Voters approved the amendments in 2014 and 2015, respectively, with the provision that the funds only be used for “constructing, maintaining, and acquiring rights-of-way for public roadways other than toll roads.”

Motorists warned of town known as Tint Trap: Bauxite, Arkansas
Bauxite’s police chief admits that his officers have been writing more tickets over the past few months for window tint violations. But is it enough to call the town a “tint trap?” Valerie Kelloms thinks so. Her daughter had Kelloms’ windows tinted at A to Z Auto Glass and Tint in Benton as a birthday gift. It’s giving her relief from the hot Arkansas sun, but after a trip through Bauxite it’s the gift that keeps on taking…as in taking $380.00 in fines out of Kelloms’ pocket.

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