NMA Driving News Roundup of the Week for October 20, 2017

In this week’s Driving News Roundup:

–Traffic Calming kicked out of Play del Rey, CA—
–Interstate VMT Tax test a go in CA/OR—
–Japan’s Kobe Steel Scandal heats up—
–DOJ creates Watchdog for CAF—
–Nearly 4.1 Autos in Total Recalled this week—

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NMA Driving News Stories of the Week

City to Restore Traffic Lanes in Playa del Rey, CA
After months of complaints about increased commute times, the filing of two lawsuits and the launch of a recall effort, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and City Councilman Mike Bonin announced on Wednesday that they will reverse this summer’s decision to reduce traffic lanes on major roadways in Playa del Rey. As part of a pilot project to improve traffic safety, the city reconfigured Culver and Jefferson boulevards and Pershing Drive by removing one lane of traffic in each direction and installing new bike lanes. The city simultaneously implemented similar safety-related lane closures on Vista Del Mar, but restored those lanes in July.

California, Oregon Testing Per-Mile Fee in Lieu of Fuel Tax
California and Oregon are planning to launch the first interstate pilot program that charges a per-mile fee rather a fuel tax at the pump. Oregon, which led the nation in 2015 with the first pilot of a still-operational road usage charge (RUC) program called OReGO, is teaming up with California, which completed its RUC pilot in March. Now the trick is to find a way that the neighboring states can operate a pilot together so drivers crossing the state line will pay the proper fees to the proper state. Oregon, acting on behalf of the 14-state consortium called RUC West, will use a $2.59 million Federal Highway Administration grant awarded earlier this month to link its system with California’s system in July 2019, with the intent of creating a regional RUC platform that other states can join when ready.

New York City PD admits that they have no Forfeiture-Database Backup with Millions on the Line
New York City is one power surge away from losing all of the data police have on millions of dollars in unclaimed forfeitures, a city attorney admitted to a flabbergasted judge on Tuesday. “That’s insane,” Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Arlene Bluth said repeatedly from the bench. This morning’s revelation stems from a request filed in 2014 by the nonprofit group Bronx Defenders under New York’s Freedom of Information Law. In the previous fiscal year, Bronx Defenders noted, the NYPD reported seizing more than $6 million in cash and property. Intermingled with the open forfeitures from past years, this meant that the NYPD a balance sheet of more than $68 million in seized currency in any given month in 2013.

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