NMA Driving News Roundup of the Week for November 10, 2017

In this week’s Driving News Roundup:

–Automakers push to protect EV Tax incentive—
–AVs could increase economic inequality—
–Ohio Town sends bills to motorists for police services—
–Wichita, KS starts Big Brother traffic stop program—
–Texas is selling DMV personal info despite the law–

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NMA Driving News Story of the Week

Study Finds New Traffic Signal Feature Improves Traffic Flow
Motorists who find themselves stopped at an intersection will arrive at their destination faster if traffic signals give motorists notice before the light changes to green. A team of Belgian researchers from Hasselt University presented their findings on the “starting yellow” idea to the Transportation Research Board in Washington, DC earlier this year. Germany and the UK already use the system, which flashes the traffic signal’s yellow light one or two seconds before the green light illuminates. The idea is to give motorists a chance to prepare to get moving by placing their cars in gear, or putting down their mobile phones. As in the United States, Belgium does not permit the use of starting yellow lights. So the researchers used a driving simulator to investigate the effects of the idea on traffic flow and safety.

Ohio town sends ‘suggested’ bills to motorists for police services
Cleveland’s News 5 reports that something pretty sinister is going on in the small town of Newburgh Heights, Ohio. It appears that when motorists get into an accident, Newburgh Heights is billing them hundreds of dollars for police services.

How Driverless Cars Could Drive Even Deeper Economic Inequality
The reports of suburbia’s death have been greatly exaggerated. The emergence of driverless cars–like past innovations in transportation technology–will actually put significant pressure on our cities to expand. As this pressure increases, rich, white-collar workers will be more likely to live in prosperous areas beyond the suburbs. This shift will bring important–but familiar–policy challenges as segregation increases across our largest cities.

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