NMA Driving News Weekly Roundup for June 1, 2018

In this week’s Driving News Roundup:

–US Supremes reject driveway snooping—
–IA Supremes crack down on CAF—
–New Polls says Trump Admin is not paying enough attention to Infrastructure–

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NMA Driving News Stories of the Week

US Supreme Court Rejects Driveway Snooping
Police may not walk up to a driveway and look under a car or motorcycle cover without a warrant. In an 8 to 1 ruling handed down Tuesday, US Supreme Court justices refused to expand the wide-ranging automobile exception to the Fourth Amendment requirement that police receive approval from a neutral magistrate before conducting a search.

Iowa Supreme Court Cracks Down On Auto Seizures
Police in Iowa may no longer seize the cash from passing motorists and put the burden on drivers to prove that they deserve their money back. The state Supreme Court on Friday delivered a unanimous blow against the increasingly common law enforcement tactic by restoring due process rights to drivers who had their property taken even though they were never charged with a crime.

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