NMA Driving News Weekly Roundup for January 12, 2018

In this week’s Driving News Roundup:

–Feds and CA bump heads over CAFÉ—
–Feds grow License Plate dragnet—
–State Legislatures begin their work—
–Oregon thinks Open Tolling–

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NMA Driving News Story of the Week

California, feds bump heads over CAFE standard changes
When it comes to environmental standards, California has always gone its own way. The California Air Resources Board has historically kept automobile manufacturers on their toes when it comes to vehicle emissions, pushing for ever more strict emissions controls and its work has inspired many other states, to adopt its standards.

Indie Auto Repair Shops Seek Copyright Law Change on Auto Technology
Gary Thaxton has owned an independent auto repair shop in downtown Richmond, Virginia, since 1975. He’s seen thousands of cars come in and out of his garage, but newer models, with complex computer systems that he lacks the software and hardware to fix, pose a problem for the businessman. “Once we get the car done we have to send it to the dealership to get it programmed,” he said of the computer modules he has to replace on things like transmissions and air bags that use proprietary systems owned by the car companies.

DHS Expands License Plate Dragnet, Streams Collections To US Law Enforcement Agencies
The DHS has provided the public with a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) on its use of license plate readers (LPRs). What the document shows is the DHS’s hasty abandonment of plans for a national license plate database had little impact on its ability to create a replacement national license plate database. The document deals with border areas primarily, but that shouldn’t lead inland drivers to believe they won’t be swept up in the collection.

Opinion and Commentary from around the Web

·    Our evolving love affair with automobiles

·   Jeff Sessions has endorsed an unconstitutional fine on the poor

·    A Tale of Two Americas: Where the Rich Get Richer and the Poor Go to Jail

·    Congress Must Help Modernize Outdated Auto Safety Regulations

·    Miami Beach, Florida Editorial: Mayor Gelber, it’s time to stop to red-light cameras

·    PA Turnpike toll increases are more than motorists should have to bear

·    Why Trump’s Infrastructure Push Might Stall Again

News Stories from around the Web

National News Watch

·    Trump infrastructure plan to include shift toward driverless vehicles

·    Driverless Car “Guidelines” Allegedly Aren’t Working

·    Imported pickup tax in play in Trump trade talks with South Korea

·    Car Manufacturers Make Progress on Voluntary AEB

·    Lawmakers Call for Guards on Trucks to Prevent Underride Crashes

·    The Hurricane Harvey and Irma car sales boom is already over

Legislative Bills

·    As texting while driving bill moves through the Florida legislature, concerns over potential for profiling

·    Indiana Attempts to Ban Unsafe, Used Tires

·    New Mexico lawmakers to introduce anti-auto theft bills

·    High costs for refusing breathalyzer test among new Pennsylvania laws for 2018

·    South Carolina bill intended to deter left-lane lollygaggers

·    Tennessee proposes marking licenses of DUI offenders, preventing sale of alcohol

·    Key Vermont lawmakers reconsider primary seatbelt law

Auto Recall News

·    Ford’s Recall Woes Continue with 200K Vehicles at Fire Risk

·    Safety group wants records opened on Goodyear tire-linked deaths

·    Takata Recalls Another 3.3 Million Airbag Inflators

·    Toyota and Honda recall 1 million vehicles as part of expanded Takata air bag recall

Automatic Traffic Enforcement and Surveillance

·    Florida: Miami Beach commissioner wants to end red-light camera program

·    Florida City’s Red-Light Camera Revival in Limbo as State Mulls Policy

·    Texas: Guilty Plea in School Bus Camera Bribery Scam

Driver’s License and Driver’s Education Watch

·    Judge Throws Out Challenge to Alabama Voter ID Law

·    Colorado: Limited options for undocumented folks trying to renew driver’s licenses

·    Changes coming to Hawaii driver’s licenses and ID cards

·    Automatic voter registration in Illinois will take effect this year

·    ACLU says the North Carolina DMV’s new traffic stop guidelines leave out the ‘right to remain silent’

·    Aspiring drivers in Utah can now take a practice exam using Google Home

·    Vermont considers 3rd gender option on driver’s licenses

·    Madison, WI leaders criticize state’s DMV consolidation over potential voting implications

Driving in America

·    Prosecutor says Arkansas town doesn’t violate speed trap law

·    New Colorado law increases consequences for hit and run

·    Don’t get dinged with a double toll in Illinois

·    MDOT works to reduce wrong-way drivers on southeast Michigan freeways

·    Seat belts and texting while driving highlighted in Missouri transportation task force report

·    NJ Town Fining Residents $200 For Using GPS Shortcuts in Neighborhoods

·    New York: Drowsy driving dangerous to all drivers

·    License plate covers spotted across Staten Island, NY, but are they effective?

·    North Carolina to issue fees for DMV hearings

·    Utah: Cop Cannot Provoke A Violation To Justify A Traffic Stop

Driving Tips

·    7 Safety Tips for Taking a Winter Road Trip

·    Idaho State Police gives tips on what to do if you have to leave your car on the side of the road

·    Understanding snow emergency classifications in Ohio

Infrastructure Watch

·    Mixed signals on infrastructure plan emerge from Trump retreat

·    Recycled glass aggregate being developed as lightweight road material

·    Oregon DOT to research open system tolling

Road Diet/Traffic Calming/Vision Zero Watch

·    Clark County, WA police target pedestrian danger zones with ‘Target Zero’ program

·    City removing speed cushions (after 6 months) on Jester Boulevard in Northwest Austin, Texas

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