NMA Driving News Weekly Roundup for April 27, 2018

In this week’s Driving News Roundup:

–First city in Florida to turn on RLCs thinking about turning them off—
–Hackers could cause chaos to America’s roadways—
–Fed Court rules against Trump’s delay of car efficiency fines—
–a Bunch of Auto Recalls this week—
–First child safety seat with airbags goes on the market–

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NMA Driving News Story of the Week

Apopka, Florida may turn off red-light cameras
The first city in Central Florida to turn on red-light cameras in 2007 may be turning them off. The intersection of Park Avenue and Main Street in Apopka is one of the longest standing red-light camera locations in Central Florida. It’s been in position for about a decade. Apopka’s new Mayor said he’s getting rid of the cameras. Supporters of red-light camera traffic enforcement claim they make drivers slow down and reduce red light running. While studies show T-Bone crashes drop at these intersections, rear-end collisions have increased. Most drivers WESH 2 News spoke with said the cameras make them feel unsafe. “People are, when it’s a yellow light, everyone is slamming on their brakes and the next thing you know they’re crashing into each other,” Louis Correa said. “It’s about the money. So it’s time to get rid of them,” Bryan Nelson said.

How Hackers Could Cause Chaos on America’s Roads and Railways
A recent cyberbreach of Colorado’s transportation department didn’t affect traffic signals, cameras or electronic message boards. The next state might not be so lucky.

Court rules against Trump admin’s delay of car efficiency fines
A federal appeals court ruled Monday that the Trump administration cannot delay a regulation that increased automakers’ fines for cars that violate fuel efficiency standards. In a brief order that did not explain its reasoning, the New York City-based 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a July action by the Department of Transportation (DOT) that indefinitely delayed the increased penalties under the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) program. The three-judge panel of the court said it would issue a fully explained opinion “in due course.”

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