NMA Driving News Weekly Roundup for December 1, 2017

In this week’s Driving News Roundup:

  • –Folks nervous over timing of Trump’s infrastructure plan—
  • –SCOTUS hears arguments on cell phone privacy –
  • –Smog Checks Pointless for modern cars—
  • –Schumer against any Federal Gas Tax Increase—
  • –Albany, NY big time RLC revenue fail–

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NMA Driving News Story of the Week

Uncertainty mounts over timing of Trump’s infrastructure plan
An infrastructure package, which was once billed as a priority for Trump’s first 100 days in office, has taken a back seat to other GOP initiatives this year. Trump said he would submit a rebuilding proposal to Congress after taxes, but that could be complicated if the White House prods Republicans to try to repeal and replace ObamaCare again. Trump also recently vowed to push for welfare reform after taxes, throwing yet another knotty issue onto lawmakers’ plates.

At stake at US Supreme Court: privacy in the digital age
A robbery prosecution raises the question of whether, in the era of smartphones and the internet, constitutional protections against warrantless searches need updating.

Report Finds Smog Checks Pointless With Modern Cars
Modern engine technology has made regular emissions testing an exercise of dubious value. That was the finding of the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) in a report released last month. Researchers compared air quality data from California with the results of inspection station records to conclude that the government-mandated inspection program has had no effect on pollution levels. Federal law says jurisdictions with air quality problems must adopt mitigation measures, which can include mandatory vehicle emissions inspection and repair programs.

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