NMA Driving News Weekly Roundup for August 4, 2017

In this week’s Driving News Roundup:

–LA/OH Groups Petition to end Traffic Cams—
–Automakers slow to fix airbags—
–AZ Wrong Way Detection System begins—
–AR DOT says NO—
–Dirt bike Crackdown Working in Baltimore–

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NMA Driving News Stories of the Week

Louisiana, Ohio Residents Sign Petition to End Traffic Cams
The issue of red-light cameras and speed cameras could come to a vote in two more communities in Louisiana and Ohio. Petitions being circulated in New Orleans and East Liverpool would take the question out of the hands of local politicians and leave it to voters to make the ultimate call.

Maryland’s Montgomery County Red-Light Violations Drop 50% After Yellow Light Retimed
Violations issued by a Montgomery County red-light camera declined more than 50% after the yellow light timing was increased in response to concerns raised by local media and by the Maryland Drivers Alliance that the light did not meet standards set by the SHA.  However the county government is refusing to issue refunds even after the Office of Inspector General found 13% of traffic signals had yellow lights out of compliance with current Maryland SHA policy.

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