Nagging Questions about the Car of the Future

Every day, the NMA Driving News Feed hosts a number of stories about the car of future, which is just one of the things we write about here on the Auto Tech Watch Blog. Numerous names for the car of the future are currently in use: driverless cars, autonomous cars, autonomous vehicles, autonomous-electric cars and vehicles, self-driving cars, robocars, robotaxis, robot cars, connected cars, shared autonomous cars, flying cars, flying taxis, passenger drones, etc.

In reading all of these articles, I feel that mainly all the experts are just pretty much guessing and we’re not really that close to any kind of car of the future. Widespread adoption of electric and connected cars is not that close either.

I think it is fun to dream about auto tech possibilities, but in reality the costs for these niceties is greater than what we can bear since much of the world’s population struggles financially.

Sometimes I feel, with all the world issues today, spending this much time and money on the car of the future seems rather cruel and sometimes even childish. Especially when our elected officials can’t even agree on how to fund basic infrastructure needs, which generally does not include the added connected Internet of Things infrastructure for the car of the future.

Humans like to push limits, but maybe some limits don’t need pushing so hard, so fast.

Okay, off my soapbox—just needed to get that off my chest because how much all of this technology costs and how much time and effort put into building the technology has been bothering me a bit since I started writing about the car of the future.

Here are some of the latest headlines that might be of interest to those who have an interest in the car of the future:

Autonomous Cars

Electric Cars

Connected Cars

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Shelia Dunn

NMA Communications Director

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