Meet the Best Off-Road Trails and Parks for Truck Enthusiasts

Nothing beats cruising through trails specially designed for off-road vehicles. These parks are filled with jumps, cliffs, rivers, and dunes that will make you fall in love with your lifted off-road truck all over again. The country is full of exciting parks and trails for truck lift enthusiasts. The National Park Service currently cares for nearly 400 national parks where off-road driving is permissible. If you’re not sure where to start, check our list of the best off-road trails and parks for fans of lifted trucks.

Rubicon Trail – Georgetown, CA
Just outside Sacramento and west of Lake Tahoe, you’ll find the sprawling Rubicon Trail. Roughly 22 miles long, this expansive 4×4 trail is perfect for anyone that loves truck suspension kits.

It starts in Georgetown, a beacon of the California Gold Rush, and weaves all the way up to Wentworth Springs near Loon Lake. You’ll see parts of the El Dorado National Forest and the infamous Soup Bowl, a massive web of ledges and rocks that are sure to do a number on your truck. Local land management professionals tend to do a great job of keeping the trail clean and accessible. Even the most experienced off-road drivers will find something to love about this iconic trail.

Black Bear Pass – Telluride, CO
If you love the thrill of cruising up the side of a mountain, look no further than Black Bear Pass. This short but incredibly challenging trail has an incline of 1,843 feet, giving you an awesome view of the park once you reach the top of the summit. You’ll pass some historic mines and a stunning waterfall, known as Bridal Veil Falls.

It’s best to traverse this off-road gem during the late spring, summer, and early winter. As soon as snow and ice begin to fall, this trail can easily become a death trap. If you’re new to off-road driving, be sure to take a buddy along for the trip, or you could end up stranded on one of the many boulders or in a ravine along the way. You might also want to invest some suspension upgrades and have your brakes checked before you head back down the mountain.

The Cliffs Insane Terrain – Marseilles, IL
Located right next to the Illinois River, this massive off-road park has something for everyone. You’ll find a mix of trails for beginners and experts alike. While the terrain is relatively flat, there’s plenty of obstacles to go around. You can cruise through mud puddles and over large mounds of rock and dirt, speed through the forest, or spread out in an open field.

The park is open year-round if you feel like giving your off-road truck some action in the dead of winter. Overall, the park boasts 300 acres of off-road terrain for you to explore. You can easily spend a full day tearing up the course without running out of things to do.

Muddy Bottoms – Sarepta, LA
Head south to Louisiana, and you’ll find Muddy Bottoms Recreation Park, a massive outdoor playground for truck enthusiasts. Just as the name implies, this park is known for its muddy atmosphere, giving you plenty of opportunities to get your truck dirty.

This park is a little more sophisticated than some of the other mentions on this list. It’s full of convenient accommodations to make you feel at home, including plenty of cabins, a bathhouse, a gear and accessory shop, and even an outdoor eating pavilion if you need to take a break and refuel. You can also participate in the annual Muddy Bottoms Mud Stock, an ATV competition that’s full of unique challenges.

Off Road Ranch – Norfolk, NE
You’ll have plenty of room to roam around at the Off Road Ranch. This expansive RV and ATV park is full of open spaces and dirt hills that will get your blood pumping. This park is known for fostering a strong sense of community, offering a slew of monthly events such as drag races, freestyle jumping competitions, and even a beer garden.

The Sand Drag Strip tends to be one of the most popular attractions with tourists. You can rip up the ground every which way without causing a scene. You can even rent out snowmobiles for the winter if you’re looking for a new hobby to conquer. Camping with full electricity is available on site if you want to stay overnight.

Oregon Dunes – Reedsport, OR
Looking for a change of scenery? Oregon Dunes is not your average ATV park. Ranging from coastal dunes to prime forest land, there are so many different trails and challenges to explore.

The park features two areas reserved for off-road riding, including the Sand Lake Recreation Area and the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. Both are filled with sweet jumps and cliffs that will do a number on your truck. The sand takes the sting out of landing, so you can really rev up your engine without worrying about slamming into the side of a cliff.

Windrock – Oliver Springs, TN
Currently ranked as the number-one off-road park in the state of Tennessee, Windrock will remind you why Tennessee is considered one of the most beautiful states in the country. The park features over 300 miles of off-road trails with over 72,000 acres to explore.

Perfect for any type of off-road vehicle, the park is so large that you’ll need at least a few weeks just to make the rounds. You’ll find a mix of terrain, including muddy swamps, wayward forests, and expansive fields for roaming around. With its mild climate, you can cruise through the park all year long.

Look Around Your Own State
While these are considered some of the best off-road parks in the country, every state has plenty of enticing options for you to choose from. Whether you like to roam over steep cliffs or get down and dirty in a bog, you don’t have to go too far out of your way to find what you’re looking for. Remember to play safe as you head off-road. Follow the park rules and enjoy the great outdoors! 

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