MADD Pushes To Make DUI Violations A Felony

By James Baxter, NMA President

MADD’s current excuse for existing is to make DUI violations a felony, the most serious of criminal convictions. A felon, along with going to prison, loses the right to vote, the right to possess firearms, any professional licenses, scholarships, and many employment opportunities. Given that two or three drinks and a typically inaccurate BAC test will yield a DUI conviction, any normal, responsible person who drinks moderately has a good chance of becoming a felon, if MADD has its perverted way.

The standard incremental approach is to first attach the felon status to persons with multiple DUI convictions and then whittle the number of convictions down to two or even one where the felon status will be assigned. The elephant in the room that no one is mentioning is that once a person has a DUI conviction on their record it’s like having a big sign on the back of their car that says “stop me, I’m a good candidate for a DUI.” A second or third DUI conviction is much easier to acquire than is the first.

Combine .08 percent BAC laws with inherently inaccurate Breathalyzers and politicized enforcement and normal responsible individuals who drink in moderation will achieve the status of “drunk driver felon,” without ever reaching the point of meaningful impairment, or causing and accident. The prohibition movement is alive and well and residing in Texas.

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