Keyless Entry System for Your Car – History, Types, Benefits

Keyless entry is a minor technological marvel that is in the vast majority of cars on the road today. This system allows people to unlock and open their cars without turning a key and risking a scratch on their paint. The nature of keyless entry means that a large number of individuals can afford it in one way or another. But it takes research and planning to know just what kind of keyless entry system is right for a particular individual.


The keyless car entry system emerged with technological advancements in the 1980s. These advancements were applied to the age-old problem of the inconvenience of using a key. One early approach to keyless car entry was the code system. Some models in the early 1980s had a code that an individual could enter on buttons on the car door. This code would open the door, and another code would then open the trunk and other doors. Then, the person could open the door and get into the car. This approach helped eliminate the need for having a key to unlock a door. But it still required a person to directly touch their car when they are trying to open the door.

Keyless entry then significantly advanced into the late 1980s with the systems that most people are familiar with today. These keyless entry systems work off of a key fob that individuals keep on their key chain. They communicate with a system within the car that often locks and unlocks the car. The keyless entry system can also set up an alarm that goes off at the push of a button. At first, these systems worked through infrared. The infrared system involved setting up a signal similar to a television remote. But this signal was often relatively weak and difficult to use at significant distances.

In the 1990s, most car manufacturers shifted to a shortwave radio system. The radio system used a shortwave frequency instead of infrared. It could more easily pass through structures and over long distances. The system was significantly easier to use and more reliable. However, it also became susceptible to hacking and interference from malicious actors who wanted to hack into the computer systems that were starting to be installed in cars. As a result, companies started to update and strengthen their keyless entry systems. They began to introduce measures to protect against hacking and spoofing. For instance, they started to change the frequencies that their systems used regularly. This process resulted in a safer keyless entry system.


There are several different types of keyless entry systems for any car. One of the most common is the built-in model that is produced for nearly every car model produced in the past 15 years. These models are similar to the aforementioned key fob, where a button is used to unlock the door. They work for both the main doors and the trunk. Some of these systems allow a person to hold a button and open the trunk without touching the car. There is also the remote start system. This system is somewhat more complicated and expensive than traditional keyless entry systems. With a remote start, an individual simply has to open their door to get into their car and drive off. Remote starts have been the subject of numerous advertising campaigns.


The benefits of keyless entry are clear to anyone who has tried to unlock their car with their hands full of groceries or their work items. Keyless entry provides an easy way to unlock a car from an extended distance. They often work with simple car door handles that allow a person to open their car with only one free finger.

A keyless entry system can also be beneficial because of the many systems that work alongside them. Most keyless entry systems that utilize a shortwave radio system combine a handful of other capabilities within the system. The most common of these is a set of theft protection devices. A keyless entry system can make a panic button possible. Panic buttons are buttons that individuals push on their keyless entry remotes.

Finally, keyless entry systems also make remote start possible. Remote start can be helpful for a wide variety of reasons. Many individuals are disappointed when they have to get into cars that have been sitting out in either the heat or the cold for an extended period. Remote start eliminates this concern entirely.

What to do

Anyone interested in having a keyless entry system for their car needs first to determine their needs and how those needs fit into their budget. Anybody who wants a keyless entry system and wants to pay the least amount of money as possible for their car needs to buy an old car with a high number of miles on it. They should then work with a service that retrofits a car to have a keyless entry system. The keyless entry system is not a one-size-fits-all proposition.

Indeed, there are dozens of different combinations that an individual could choose. They can add an alarm or have a system that opens only the driver’s side door versus all of the doors. An individual can pay more money for a longer range as well. A person can even buy a warranty for their system just in case it breaks at any point. No matter the approach, individuals should consult a professional about installing a keyless entry system. These systems are complicated and require expertise in electrical wiring.

For everyone else, there is a wide variety of services on the market today. The most basic recent car models all have simple keyless entry. But an individual who is interested in the more sophisticated systems such as remote start should expect to pay a little extra for their car. Different systems have a number of different attributes that can go into the calculus of the car type and model.

Final Thoughts

Keyless entry is one of the most ubiquitous aspects of advanced car technology on the market today. Millions of Americans do not even know where the physical key for their car is located. These pieces of technology are helpful for people who either buy the car with the system or add it on later. Individuals should determine the type of keyless entry they want and how that type will fit with their budget. If they go through this simple process, they can get the keyless entry system that will work best for their needs.

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