Is Car Wax Really Good for Your Car?

Many car owners don’t even bother to take the time to wax their car. Their primary reason is that the paint and existing finish looks good enough. However, this is a misguided notion on the part of these car owners. Over time, failing to apply wax on the exterior of the car paint can lead to the exposure of road salt, oxidation, and other elements.

So, yes, it’s a good idea that you wax the exterior of your car. And what I mean by waxing your car is doing it on a regular basis. By doing it, you can minimize the cost of repairs and improve your car’s performance. If you want to know the advantages of car waxing, here’s a list to help, take a read!

Protects the Paint of Your Car
Since you’ll use your car outdoors, it’s inevitable that it can be exposed to various elements such as road salts, rain, and UV rays from the sun, and tree sap. If not protected against they can ruin the paint of the car and make your car look more run down.

However, if you put on a wax coating on your car, there’s an excellent chance that you’ll minimize the damage against the elements and boost its resale value. Indeed, car waxing will protect your prized investment.

Shields the Exterior from Scratches
If you’re washing your car that is unwaxed, there’s a chance existing dirt and sand can scratch the exterior. However, if you put a wax coating on the car exterior, you will add a layer to the paint, and the dirt and grit will slide off the surface smoothly, leaving the surface unscathed.

The wax coating will also serve as a shield from bird droppings while you’re going to park the car outside. Waxing can hide past scratches and revitalize the look and feel completely.

Makes Your Car Easy to Wash
Waxing your car will not only shield and protect its exterior from various outdoor elements, but it will also make your car easier to clean and wash. Yes, you heard it right. For instance, if sap or dirt get on the car exterior, the wax will prevent these things from settling for a longer time on your car paint.

As such, if you’re going to wash or wipe these droppings, they’ll be easily removed, giving you less effort in the cleaning and providing you with ample time for other tasks that you need to do.

Provides You That Shiny New Look
Car owners want their car to look new and shiny. For this purpose, a wax coating on your car exterior can do the job of making it appear glossy, shiny and new.

Putting a carnauba-based wax on your car exterior, for instance, can do wonders in providing elegant depth to the car’s surface. However, there are great options as well in a modern synthetic wax coating that can give your car exterior the shine that you want for to look new.

Car Wax can be Hard to Apply
Within minutes of buffing the wax on your car surface, you will see the wonderful results of car waxing, but it can be a difficult and long process. In fact, by merely using a cloth or your hands to wipe the solution you can already see the difference in your car exterior looking new and glossy. However, you must buff it off rigorously to bring the shine out. Additionally, you must be very careful not to get wax on anything other than the paint. If you get the wax on plastic, it is a nightmare to clean off. Wax also doesn’t last long.

Car waxing will do a lot of good for your car. It will shield your car from oxidation and scratches and thereby reduce your repair cost. Car waxing will also improve the look of your car, making it look new and shiny. As such, if you’re going to sell it, you’ll get more money because of its aesthetic value. 

Cody is a Marketing Manager by profession, but cars and trucks have always been a passion. His personal favorite auto detailing product is TopCoat F11. He likes to experiment with car detailing and look for innovative ways to keep the wheels shining 😊. He is always up for a chat about cars or trucks!

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