How to Make Online Comments to Anti-Car Stories: Keep the US Moving Blog for February 26, 2020

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The NMA and the KUSM believe that it is important to include stories that oppose our viewpoint. We try to indicate those as needed.  

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How to Make Online Comments to Anti-Car Stories

Many times anti-car stories are stoked by emotion more so than data. Best to take the high road when commenting on any anti-car story online.

The Streetsblog gang in California wrote a blog story attacking the comments of a pro-motorist Vice-Chair of a Senate Transportation committee in their usual fashion. While much was covered, one of NMA’s long-time advocates picked up and commented on the blog writer’s claim that saying road diets cause congestion is “misinformed nonsense.” Quite the contrary.

Steve C’s comments did elicit responses from the writer in addition to the usual commenters. He purposely chose to keep his comments narrow and to the original point rather than taking the bait to open up other aspects of the discussion. It seems to be the only way to draw out a more honest discussion, and it has more value when it is with the writer of the piece instead of another commenter. Read the article and/or the comments and see for yourself. It goes to show you don’t have to argue everything discussed in an article. Pick a particularly weak point, give it some context, and stick to your point in any follow-ups.

Remember: Don’t go into an emotional shout out with the anti-car crowd. Otherwise, you will continue the testy dialogue for many days and who has that kind of time.

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