How To Enjoy A Family Road Trip As An Introvert

There’s an ongoing informal debate that we are all familiar with: is being introverted or extroverted better? The truth is, everybody is at least part introvert and part extrovert. They’re both extremes of an arbitrary spectrum. Though, if you find yourself very close to the introvert end and also happen to be going away with family, or a vacation in general, this article is for you!

Appreciating silence

It is actually quite easy for everyone to see that there is more to life than chatting. Whether you are travelling with other introverts or extroverts, encourage open silence. This means that everyone mindfully gives everyone else space to observe whatever they want. Trying to burn time on long car drives by talking for hours will cause you to burn out, and you will end up needing more space at the end of the day than usual.

If you are travelling with children, a brilliant way to encourage open silence is to make it a game!

Moments of privacy

You will soon learn that the times you are able to get away are to be treasured. Trips to the bathroom, or into gas station stores are moments where you can be alone again. Family time is definitely for bonding, though this does not mean you should neglect your need and want to have some me-time, too. Don’t feel bad for taking a few extra minutes here and there, and you deserve to relax and recharge!

Dividing social obligations

If you are on the road with children or just a large group of family members in general, there will, of course, be interactions you have to do each day. You have to see that everyone’s fed and that everyone gets comfortably into bed each night. You have to check up on people to ask if they would like to see anything in particular: the list of things you might have to do could go on, but it doesn’t have to be your burden alone. Split up social tasks with your partner, or another introverted family member who understands and needs the same social distance that you do.

Understanding others

Likely, you are not the only introverted person in your vehicle. You know your family best: relate to those members who also need space and recognize those who like to share space with others more. Try to facilitate other people’s needs where you see them, as much as you can without sacrificing your own. Examples of this could be letting someone wander off by themselves for a little while, or being present and silent in a conversation between two more out-going family members.

Speaking your truth

You are the best person to understand your own emotions. When alone, it is easy to meet them – you already have the space. However, things are different when you are in a slightly cramped environment with others for hours on end. Make sure your family members know that you like to have space, so they don’t worry about you not enjoying yourself and try to talk to you even more.

Being honest with yourself

Before your trip away, come to terms with the idea of spending a lot of time in social interaction (more than you usually would). Before you set off, give yourself a little extra time to relax alone. This will allow you to charge up enough to properly enjoy your time away with your loved ones.  

Overall, family getaways should be a time of fun, bonding, and relaxation. This is true however you choose to define yourself. Enjoy your trip! 

Aimee Laurence is a travel and lifestyle blogger at StateOfWriting. Aside from creating useful posts on travel tips and top trends, Aimee also writes about education and her passion for home-schooling.

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