Georgia’s Most Dangerous Roads are in Atlanta

From Georgia Car Accident Attorney Cade Parian of The Parian Law Firm, LLC.

Atlanta is a very dangerous city to drive in, at least according to a new study. The study was conducted by law firm Butler Wooten & Peak in collaboration with 1Point21Interactive. It studied data from the U.S. Census, as well as reports from the federal Fatality Analysis Reporting System for the years 2013 to 2015. In order to narrow it down to only the most dangerous roads, those that had five or more fatal crashes within two-and-a-half miles of each other were the only ones studied.

So what was the most dangerous road of them all?

The I-20 in Atlanta. This interstate saw five fatalities on less than a mile of freeway just northwest of Summerhill. In addition to this deadly stretch, Atlanta did not fare well in the rest of the study, either.

Of the 57 most dangerous spots studied, Atlanta had 13 of the top spots. Six of those spots were listed in the top ten most dangerous stretches of road in the entire state. In all, Atlanta had 40 miles of road considered to be incredibly risky to drivers. Within those 40 miles there were 97 fatal accidents, and a total of 101 fatalities.

Vying for the top spot with the I-20 was Old National Highway in Atlanta. While this highway actually saw more fatalities than the I-20, with 12 in total, it was the I-20 that had more fatal crashes per mile. Falling second on the list was the I-75 in Kennesaw, which averaged 4.65 fatal crashes for every mile of road.

The I-285 also showed up on the study, with four areas of the highway being particularly dangerous. This was not the first time this stretch has shown up in a study for being the most dangerous, either. In another study in 2015, the I-285 was listed as seeing more accidents resulting in fatalities than any other interstate for the year 2013. In the recent study, the I-20 still beat it, at least on the Summerhill stretch.

It is important that people know where these dangerous areas of roads are. While it may not be possible to avoid them altogether, knowing the dangers of these roads can make drivers more aware and more unlikely to engage in dangerous behaviors behind the wheel. If every driver did that, the incidences of accidents, injuries, and fatalities on these roads may decrease.

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