Driving News Roundup: September 21, 2012

This is a weekly feature on the NMA Blog, running each Friday, where we highlight seven of the most interesting driving news stories of the week.

Is it more dangerous to drive UNDER the speed limit?
I’ve got a theory and it’s one that some of you won’t like – but hear me out. It is this: Driving at 10mph under the speed limit can actually be more dangerous than driving 10mph over it. A frustrated driver isn’t a safe driver and there’s nothing more frustrating than following someone that refuses to do anywhere close to the speed limit.

Ohio: Canton Council rejects traffic cameras
The City Council rejected the mayor’s traffic camera proposal 7-5 Monday night. Following heated discussion and debate, both in the Democratic caucus meeting and on the floor, the quest to push through speeding and red-light cameras fell flat for the second time in roughly five years.

Virginia: Toll road deal ensures 73 years of gridlock
The state of Virginia executed a contract with an Australian company on July 31 designed to discourage ride sharing and ensure congestion on major commuter routes until after the year 2085.

New Jersey: State bans smiling in driver’s license photos
The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission has cracked down on drivers smiling in their driver’s license photos because their smiles could interfere with new facial recognition software.

Traffic cameras now on stop signs
Drivers beware! Cameras are watching you on the road, and it’s not just speeding you should be careful about. Drivers now need to be on the lookout for cameras at stop signs as well. In order to avoid a penalty, the car must come to a full and complete stop before the crosswalk in order to count as a legal stop.

California: Murrieta ruling favors red-light camera foes
An appeals court on Tuesday ruled in favor of Murrieta citizens seeking to have red-light cameras removed through the initiative process. The ruling reversed a Superior Court judge’s decision to take the measure off the Nov. 4 ballot. Voters living in Murrieta will now be able to vote on the measure in November.

Minnesota: Cops in trouble for drag racing squad cars on airport runway
Recently the Caledonia, Minn. Police Department took delivery of a new Ford Crown Victoria police cruiser. According to reports, a Caledonia officer and a Houston County deputy lined up on a local airport runway to pit the county’s Dodge Charger against the city’s new Ford Crown Vic Police Interceptor. Did we mention the two lawmen were on duty?


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