Driving News Roundup: April 20, 2012

This is a weekly feature on the NMA Blog, running each Friday, where we highlight seven of the most interesting driving news stories of the week.

The TSA’s mission creep is making the U.S. a police state
The out-of-control Transportation Security Administration is past patdowns at airports – now it’s checkpoints and roadblocks.

Louisiana: Lafayette police-Redflex relationships draw critics’ ire
Two members of the Lafayette Police Department, including the traffic unit supervisor who publicly made the case for keeping Lafayette’s traffic camera program intact, are romantically involved with employees of the private business that manages the red-light and speed cameras.

Connecticut: Red-light camera bill moves forward
After a discussion on civil liberties and the privacy drivers may give up due to ticket cameras, the tax-writing legislative Finance Committee voted Monday to allow cities and towns to set up cameras to monitor dangerous intersections.

Illinois: Chicago speed camera ticket measure approved
Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s controversial speed camera ordinance that would ding violators with tickets of up to $100 won Chicago City Council approval today.

Washington: Lynnwood council poised to reconsider traffic cameras
Lynnwood officials say it’s time for the community to really discuss the city’s revenue reliance on controversial traffic-enforcement cameras. The talk comes as City Council members examine Lynnwood’s shaky finances. They are considering the millions of dollars that come in through camera-generated tickets and weighing a proposed contract to keep the devices operational for the next five years.

New York: Rochester’s red-light cameras triple initial revenue estimates
Net revenues from red-light tickets are three times the city’s budgeted estimates, records show — with 2½ months to go in the fiscal year.


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