Don’t shoot the messenger?

Police in Georgia want angry residents to know that their speed cameras aren’t really speed cameras. People have been shooting radar trailers to stop them from issuing tickets.

Up here we don’t shoot them. We steal them. North and South agree, the only good ticket machine is a dead ticket machine.

I know those radar trailers aren’t writing tickets, but a lot of people don’t.

The confusion is to some extent intentional. In Connecticut cameras flash white lights pretending to take your picture. Because why would I care about a gadget that just repeats what my speedometer already told me?

They bluffed and somebody took them seriously.

Americans don’t like robocops.

I did an informal study when a trailer appeared next door. Normally traffic averages about 33 mph in a 30 zone past my driveway. (Should be a 40 zone, but that’s politics for you.) Reactions were about evenly divided between slamming on the brakes and trying to set high score. Luckily it wasn’t around long enough to cause any wrecks.

I don’t like fake robocops either.

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