Dog Car Seat Covers and Protectors

How to Keep Dog Fur from Your Car Seat
If you happen to own a furry dog or any other animal for that matter, you are privy to the completely underwhelming feeling of having to constantly brush off its fur from your probably expensive upholstery. It is not only an annoying chore, but it’s also quite frustrating because as long as the dog is yours, your carpets, car upholstery and even your clothes will suffer. The dog fur may not even be your concern because there is the question of dirty dogs and how to keep them from making your back seat as dirty as they are. If dogs listened 100% of the time and stayed in one corner, it would have been great, but no, our muddy friends, when excited can be quite difficult to control.

While no help can be offered to your clothes, your mouth and anything on your person turning into a reservoir for animal hair, your car upholstery can be saved, so that at least you can save those poor people you give rides to from either reacting to it or downright refusing any lifts from you, ever. Get yourself a pretty good pet seat covers for leather seats and say goodbye to all your troubles.

Buying the right car seat cover can actually be a headache because, since these are mostly expensive, you need one that lasts long enough to cater for all your needs as quickly as possible. Since you are not only buying the car seat cover for your cars to look pretty, you actually do need one that is functional, and easy to clean.

Choosing Your Car Seat Cover
There are some things to consider when making your pick of dog car seat covers. After the filter of cost has been removed, your next headache is to get a cover that actually covers and fits all over your upholstery, leaving no space for your furry friend to shed on any part of the fabric. Here are a few you can make your choices from:

Solvit Waterproof Hammock Seat Cover
This is a relatively inexpensive solution to your woes. With the heavy-duty polyester with good waterproof backing, you can be assured of your original seats not getting wet from those muddy paws. The best part of this is, they are machine washable, so you can easily pop it into the machine without thinking of exactly how to wash car seat covers.

The cover is 56 by 57 inches in dimension, and you can hold it in place using headrest straps and sta-put devices. The cover comes with a lifetime guarantee so you can expect it to be functional for a long time.

Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover
This more expensive version of the waterproof car seat covers has a fancier look to it. It is not just a pretty car seat cover but it is also functional. Its fabric is non-slip and waterproof, making it easy to wash and good armor against your mangy excited friends wet and probably muddy, furry paws.

Deluxe Quilted and Padded Dog Car Seat Cover
For your best two-in-one deal, you can consider this car seat cover that doubles as a cargo area liner. You can even fold it to get a front seat cover if your dog prefers to be by your side. The cover can also be taken to the back side of your car where your cargo is kept and used to line the area. The quilted Car Seat cover also has an extra cover to keep your over-excited dog in the back so that he cannot jump over and come to you. Cruel, but functional, and most importantly, it saves your upholstery.

Car seat covers were a great blessing when they entered the pet world. Get a few good ones from the ones mentioned here, or scout for others on which are equally fantastic. Take some time to share your experience with dogs and car seats as well. Who knows? Anyone can learn a thing or two from you.

Betti Wilson is a young enthusiastic lover of animals who looks into ways to make our worlds easier to live in. By marrying the human and pet world with all these amazing inventions, life can be easier. Hence her desire to search for the things that make keeping pets easier and stress-free. She herself is a proud human to two dogs and a cat.

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