Does anybody think before voting?

Every once in a while — say once a week or so — something happens that makes you wonder if anybody in the legislature has a brain.

Last year one of those perennial bills that dies in every session finally passed. In 2015 Massachusetts joined the group of states that make it illegal to turn your wipers on if your headlights are off.

It was described as a common-sense safety measure.

The media duly passed on the word that being convicted of violating this common-sense safety rule would result in license points.

For some reason this was intolerable and the legislature swiftly responded. The new rule had been added to the law requiring headlight use at night or on bad weather. They amended the law to say that the whole section didn’t count as a moving violation.  You pay the ticket and nothing else happens.

Not displaying an inspection sticker is still a safety violation, even if your car passed inspection. Not seeing where you are going is not.

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