Despite the COVID-19 Crisis, Automakers Announce New Auto Tech

By Shelia Dunn, NMA Communications Director

Due to the COVID-19 crisis (and problems from before the crisis), the auto industry around the world is in free fall. I have noticed that any time there is some bad news, automakers release information that keeps us excited. I am not sure if all the automakers will survive this crisis. Factories around the world have been shuttered due to the pandemic, and most of us hunkering in place are dealing with other issues, and buying a new car is probably not one of them.

The Coronavirus tsunami has no indication of subsiding anytime soon. Here are just some of last week’s depression-era headlines from the NMA Driving News concerning the auto industry:

Despite all that, automakers have been making announcements about auto tech devices: Here are just some headlines that have appeared on our Driving News Feed:

Despite all the doomsday scenarios about the auto industry, here are ten other stories posted on Driving News that focused on research, even a patent disagreement:

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