DC Triples Down on Automated Cams and Vision Zero

Washington, DC, a notorious speed camera trap city, will now bring various other cameras up to the same service level (or cash, perhaps).  Currently, DC streets are fastened with 40 red-light cameras, eight stop sign cameras, and zero bus lane cameras. Under the Vision Zero Enhancement Omnibus Amendment Act of 2019 passed this fall, the nation’s capitol will add by January 1, 2022, 75 more red-light cameras and 10 bus lane enforcement cameras. By January 1, 2024, at least 125 red-light cameras plus 30 operating stop sign cameras will be added.

Credit: Martin Falbisoner

Coupled with the district’s speed cameras, DC will become a driving hell designed to get motorists out of their cars while making money off their backs.

John Townsend of AAA stated the new driving reality succinctly, “It is a systematic attack on motorists.”

He related that when he attended a meeting about this newest bill last year, many things were added to the final bill never revealed in public. He added, “They used the pandemic as a cover to push through the most draconian traffic enforcement law in the history of the District of Columbia.”

Credit: Tim Evanson

The 2020 bill will also do the following:

  • Ban right turns on red at intersections within 400 feet of schools, Metrorail stations, and other high pedestrian traffic areas.
  • Cut speed limits to 20 mph (or less) on local and collector roads.
  • Reduce tolerance from 10 mph over the posted speed limit to just 8 mph.
  • Require the District to draw up a safety redesign for any street where a collision resulted in a death or serious injury.
  • Require a Complete Streets update for the city every four years.
  • The DOT will be required to submit a Vision Zero infrastructure progress report on the 15 most dangerous pedestrian and cyclist corridors.
  • More collaboration with the suburbs in Virginia and Maryland to curb dangerous driving.

Anti-car and Big Bike advocates are still not happy. They wanted a protected bike lane network, aggressive parking pricing, converting streets with heavy pedestrian areas into pedestrian plazas, and a direct focus on street equity issues.

Credit: Sdkb

Whatever happens in DC, driving may be on a hit list, which is rather strange since the District makes so much cash off motorists’ backs. In 2018 alone, the District issued 1.1 million speed camera tickets that resulted in a $104.5 million in revenue. The new cameras will add to the taxation by citation pile of money likely used to push everyone out of their cars eventually.

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