CES 2019—The Newest Trends and Developments for the Things We Drive

Whether we can attend or not, many of us enjoy the second week of January because it is time for the yearly Consumer Electronics Show (or CES) in Las Vegas. CES is not just for computers, TVs and phones but more and more—visions for the car of the future.

There are two big trends that several tech media have reported. One is the downplaying of driverless cars.  Here are several articles on the topic:

At the same time, 25 top automakers and tech companies have formed a partnership to promote driverless car technology. The coalition will be called Partners for Automated Vehicle Education or wait for it, PAVE.  The aim—to educate the public and policymakers about the potential of automated vehicles, transform transportation by making is safer and more sustainable. In other words, these companies want to make money and even though the consumer is not clamoring for driverless vehicles, this coalition wants to make sure that you are on board.

I have attempted to categorize the other announcements, showcases, panel discussions based on area of tech:

Auto Tech in General

Connected Vehicles with the Internet of Things

Driverless Cars, Shuttles and Trucks (in alphabetical order of company)

Flying Cars/Taxis and Drones

Some Way Out There Tech

Fun stuff, but for most of us…just a dream away.

Next Week on NMA’s Auto Tech Watch, I will wrap up the rest of the goodies from CES 2019 and look at any news and announcements coming from the last January Detroit Auto Show.

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