Car of the Future Weekly Roundup for May 16, 2018

In this week’s Car of the Future Weekly Roundup

–Trump tells Automakers he’s still open to talks with CA on CAFÉ—

–Consumers Union raises concerns about safety and transparency with driverless cars—

–How do we fix the language of driverless cars?–

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NMA Car of the Future Stories of the Week

Trump Tells Car Executives He’s Still Open to Talks with California
President Donald Trump told a group of auto company executives that he is open to talks with California over vehicle fuel efficiency standards, something the industry is hoping can head off a battle between Washington and Sacramento. The administration is readying a proposal to ease fuel efficiency standards, and the industry officials stressed the need for federal regulators to negotiate the new targets with California regulators to preserve the industry’s ability to sell the same vehicles nationwide

Auto executives got more than they bargained for in lobbying Trump to ease fuel standard
The world’s auto companies are fast learning how risky it can be to seek a favor from President Trump. They asked the president to nudge California and the rest of the country toward looser fuel economy rules. What they got instead was a veritable declaration of war against the state, threatening to destabilize the industry, tarnish its public image and leave the companies tangled in years of litigation.

Consumers Union: Uber, Waymo Crashes Raise Safety, Transparency Concerns with Self-Driving Cars
Consumers Union, the advocacy division of Consumer Reports, today called on companies developing automated driving systems, including Uber and Waymo, to take a safe and transparent approach to the testing and commercial use of self-driving vehicles.

The Language of Self-Driving Cars Is Dangerous—Here’s How to Fix It
In my last column, I laid out why the language of self-driving cars is broken, and why I think the SAE Automation Levels need to be replaced. Short version: they are conceptually vague yet technologically restrictive, and people are dying as a result. That the SAE Levels were created by and for engineers is irrelevant; the media cite them, manufacturers use them, investors think in terms of them, marketers manipulate them. And end users suffer as a result. What’s the first step? Clarity. Language must answer itself accurately—a word or phrase shouldn’t raise more questions than it ultimately answers—not only on a technical level but a cultural one.

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