Car of the Future Weekly Roundup for June 27, 2018

In this week’s Car of the Future Weekly Roundup

–Automakers Burn Billions in Race to driverless and electric—
–Koch Bros use promise of AVs to Kill Public Transit—
–Study looks at Putting Solar Panels on Highway Shoulders—
–Interactive made on all US AV Projects–

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NMA Car of the Future Stories of the Week

Automakers are burning through billions in EV, AV race
A new global study by consulting firm AlixPartners paints an ominous forecast for automakers in the next few years, a toxic cocktail of big spending and lots of competition mixed with softening sales in some markets and an unwillingness of consumers to fork over money for the tech. AlixPartners’ Global Automotive Outlook is based on an analysis of data from public and proprietary sources and two online consumer surveys of Americans age 18 and older possessing driver’s licenses. Last year, automakers spent $226 million — a 47 percent increase from 2012 — on electrification and autonomous vehicle technology. And AlixPartners predicts companies will spend $255 billion in R&D and capital expenditures globally by 2023 on electric vehicles. Some 207 electric models are set to hit the market by 2022.

The Koch Brothers Are Using the Promise of Driverless Cars to Kill Public Transit Projects
The idea with autonomous driving technology is that, eventually, the driver will be removed from the equation to do whatever they want while their car drives itself. That vision, however, is decades away from becoming reality, if ever. Yet the Koch Brothers, the billionaire libertarian oil tycoons known for unleashing a typhoon of money into our political system, are leaning on the promise of a driverless future to spike public transit projects around the United States.

Study probes paving all US highway shoulders with solar panels
The aim is to let each of the 50 states calculate how much solar energy, and revenue, they could generate on these shoulders, known as rights-of-way. Organizers say that state departments of transportation (DOTs) could generate revenue through land lease deals, power purchase agreements, the sale of renewable energy certificates, or even by directly selling the energy to power companies.

Autonomous Vehicles on the Map
An interactive look at autonomous vehicle projects and policies across the country as covered by Government Technology.

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