Car of the Future Weekly Roundup for July 25, 2018

In this week’s Car of the Future Weekly Roundup

–US Senate tries to do a sneaky with the AV Start Act—
–Uber drivers are actual employees according to a NY Court—
–Cities face tough decisions over transit with driverless cars in the picture—
–Debate heats up on what will connect connected cars—

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NMA Car of the Future Stories of the Week 

US Senators Want to Sneak Safety Exemptions for Self-Driving Cars into Law
A group of senators led by South Dakota Republican John Thune wants to let companies rush self-driving cars to market before any federal safety standards related to autonomous systems have been drafted. A coalition of 65 consumer advocacy and street safety organizations has warned against the bill known as AV START, which would preempt state and local safety regulations of self-driving cars without spelling out any federal safety rules (although it would allow U.S. DOT to draft some). In addition, the bill would exempt AVs from many safety standards that apply to all other cars. Each manufacturer would get an allotment of 100,000 vehicles to sell for use on public streets within three years.

Uber loses a ‘precedential’ victory, and some New York state drivers win ’employee’ status
In what worker advocates are calling a substantial victory that could impact Uber drivers statewide, the New York State labor review board has made a final determination that three former Uber drivers were Uber employees for the purposes of unemployment insurance. The finding applies to the drivers in question, as well as all “similarly situated” drivers.

Pave Over the Subway? Cities Face Tough Bets on Driverless Cars
That unnerves some transportation planners and transit advocates, who fear unrealistic hopes for driverless cars — and how soon they’ll get here.

What Will Connect Connected Vehicles? The Debate Heats Up
Connections are about control: Who provides and oversees the connecting pieces? Who maintains the flow of goods, services, people and data through those connections? What do the connections connect to themselves? Less abstractly, the future of the automotive industry — along with the payment and commerce tasks associated with it — depends significantly on the type of technology that ties together web-enabled cars and trucks with outside networks. A debate about those connections is heating up in Europe. When a decision is finally made — right now, that is supposed to happen by the end of 2018 — it could have a meaningful impact on development of the global digital economy.

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