Car of the Future

The latest edition of Car of the Future is here!  The Car of the Future blog post is a bimonthly look at all the news you might have missed on connected and driverless cars, electric and hybrid cars and everything in between.

If you read any great articles yourself about the Car of the Future, please send them to me at [email protected] and perhaps I will link them in the next edition. I also post a Car of the Future story every day at 8:00 PM on Facebook.

Biggest news in the past two weeks of course has been speculative articles on President-elect Trump’s approach with regards to transportation issues. Here are a couple of stories that concern the Car of the Future.

Los Angeles Auto Show

Two fascinating articles concerning last month’s Auto Show and AutoMobility Conference in Los Angeles crossed my desk which might be of interest.

Car Sharing

The Winnipeg Free Press posted a quite critical article on a recent widely publicized study on the carsharing company Car2Go. Carsharing Benefits may be Exaggerated is a must read! Car2Go recently pulled out of Minneapolis due to lack of business. 

Connected Cars

Connecting cars to smart cities has become a much larger topic of late. My concern with connected cars though has to do with distracted driving. More connections—more distractions. Should a car really become that smart that it can multitask when we were perfectly fine before with using a car to get from point A to point B?

Driverless Cars

Once again, we are drowning in stories on driverless cars. Here are the few that I think might add to your information on the subject.

Hybrid and Electric Cars (EVs) 

Other Stories

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