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The latest edition of Car of the Future is here!  Read the latest articles on the future of car ownership and driving, connected & driverless cars, future IoT and infrastructure, ridesharing, carsharing, electric cars, hybrid cars, and even flying cars. If you read any great articles yourself about the Car of the Future, please send them to me at [email protected] and perhaps I will link them in the next edition.

Future of Car Ownership


IoT or the Internet of Things (a new category)


Connected Cars




Driverless or Semi-Autonomous Cars


Electric Cars or EVs

German elected officials apparently have support to ban the sale of combustion-engine cars by 2030. The Germans are also pushing for this ban to go Europe-wide in order to meet emission goals. Will German regulars support this? Germans love their cars and EVs will need to be up to the same power standard as their BMW and Mercedes I suspect or Germans will just keep their old combustion-engine cars until they can be driven no more.




Solar Highways

No flying car stories this week but here are three interesting stories on solar infrastructure. I’m fascinated how highways and even sidewalks could be used to create energy if the savings costs can be proven.

Here are two stories about the company that is trying to make solar roads and sidewalks in Idaho.

Plus another story that might make northern motorists take notice.


That is all for this edition of THE CAR OF THE FUTURE!

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