Car of the Future Weekly Roundup for October 18, 2017

The NMA Foundation presents The Car of the Future Weekly Roundup:

In this week’s Car of the Future Weekly Roundup

–Norway might do away with EV incentives for Tesla—
–Paris and Holland plan to banish all but EVs by 2030—
–CA comes up with their own rules for driverless—
–USPS talks driverless–

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‘Tesla tax’ could hit Norway, the world’s top EV market
Norway, which has emerged as the world’s leading market for zero-emission electric vehicles despite also leaning heavily on revenue from oil extraction, may be on the verge of enacting steep cutbacks to some of the tax breaks for Teslas and other EVs. The proposed 2018 budget, released by Norway’s center-right government, would mainly target electrified cars weighing more than 2 tons, a designation that would affect Tesla’s Model S sedan and Model X luxury SUV. The so-called “Tesla Tax” proposal could increase the price of a Model X by as much as $8,850. According to The Local, “Non-chargeable hybrid cars will lose their weight subsidies, becoming subjected to charges based on emissions and weight — making their taxation equivalent to traditionally-fueled vehicles, writes NRK.”

Paris plans to banish all but electric cars by 2030
Paris authorities plan to banish all gasoline- and diesel-fueled cars from the world’s most visited city by 2030, Paris City Hall said on Thursday. The move marks an acceleration in plans to wean the country off gas-guzzlers and switch to electric vehicles in a city often obliged to impose temporary bans due to surges in particle pollution in the air. Paris City Hall said in a statement France had already set a target date of 2040 for an end to cars dependent on fossil fuels and that this required speedier phase-outs in large cities.

Dutch Government Reveals Plans to Make All Cars Emissions Free by 2030
The new Dutch government has revealed their plans that will guide the country in the coming years. Alongside plans to reduce emissions in the Netherlands, the group also intends to ban all petrol and diesel cars by 2030.

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