Car of the Future Weekly Roundup for May 2, 2018

In this week’s Car of the Future Weekly Roundup

–EPA wants to freeze CAFÉ Standards at 42 mph through 2026—
–NAFTA autos origin rules could hurt US sales—
–Carmakers face higher mph fines—
–Driverless Tech Companies face scrutiny over Safety Transparency–

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NMA Car of the Future Story of the Week

Draft EPA memo freezes fuel economy standards at 42 mpg through 2026
After announcing its intention last month to roll back emissions standards that require cars to get higher fuel economy, the EPA is now circulating a proposal in Washington to freeze the standards at 2020 levels through 2026. The story was first reported by the Los Angeles Times, and confirmed by Reuters. The proposal so far is a draft, which officials at the EPA and the NHTSA are discussing among others. Officials briefed on the proposal, however, say it is the leading recommendation.

NAFTA autos origin rules could hurt U.S. sales and exports: study
U.S. proposals on rules of origin that govern what percentage of a car needs to be built in the NAFTA region to avoid tariffs would hurt American consumers, lead to lower U.S. vehicle sales and hurt U.S. car exports, according to a study released on Thursday.

Carmakers face higher mpg fines
Automakers face higher fines for violating stringent federal fuel-efficiency standards requiring them to produce car fleets that average over 50 miles per gallon by 2025 after a court overturned a Trump administration decision to postpone a hike in the penalties. In a move that stoked ire among environmentalists, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced in January that it was postponing a scheduled increase that would have raised the penalty for auto companies that fail to meet the higher emission standards. The fine was scheduled to increase to $14 from $5.50 for each one-tenth of a mile-per-gallon their average fuel economy falls short. That penalty would be multiplied by the total number of cars in automakers’ fleets sold in that model year. The delay was overturned by the U.S. 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday. The petition to review NHTSA’s order was filed by California, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont.

Driverless Tech Companies Face Scrutiny over Safety Transparency
A schism is developing in the driverless-car world — but not between fans and foes of robot cars. Instead, on one side are driverless-car advocates who believe data transparency will lead to safer deployment of driverless vehicles and help alleviate public fears about the strange and disruptive new technology. On the other are some automobile and technology companies that, for good commercial reasons perhaps, prefer to keep their workings cloaked in mystery.

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