Car of the Future Weekly Roundup for March 7, 2018

In this week’s Car of the Future Weekly Roundup

–AV Start Act heats up again in Senate—
–Baidu chair calls for open platform—
–Diesel collapse gives Automakers headache—
–Germany says cities can ban Diesel–

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Public interest groups urge Congress to change AV START Act
The American Vision for Safer Transportation through Advancement of Revolutionary Technologies (AV START Act), a piece of legislation designed to help jumpstart autonomous vehicle development, is running into more trouble. A group of 27 individuals representing bicycle safety, pedestrians, disabled communities, law enforcement, environmentalists and others submitted a letter to both the House majority and minority leaders in hopes that they would reconsider the deregulation on autonomous vehicle development that the AV START Act would authorize. They argue that that the current crop of autonomous vehicle (AV) technology is not sufficiently advanced for widespread testing to be safely conducted on public roads, specifically citing many systems’ inabilities to identify cyclists correctly.

Baidu chairman suggests government making policies for AI open platform and autonomous driving
AI is always a highlighted issue that Robin Li proposed at each CPPCC National Committee he has attended. Li said that Baidu has already owned the Apollo 2.0, the biggest autonomous driving platform worldwide, the deep learning platform PaddlePaddle as well as the DuerOS, a conversation-based AI platform. Other companies are also working on this area and some of them have already made breakthroughs. He suggested that the government should put more efforts on formulating and promoting relevant policies to encourage enterprises to open their AI platforms. Besides, the government can build some national level of AI open platforms as well with greater market competitiveness and influence.

Diesel collapse gives automakers CO2 headache
The accelerating demise of diesel, long used by automakers to boost fuel-efficiency, is undermining their plans to meet looming European Union CO2 goals, and avoid big annual fines. Executives gathered on Tuesday at the Geneva auto show are grappling with unpalatable choices: re-engineer existing vehicles at huge expense, restrict sales of some profitable models; or risk hundreds of millions of euros in penalties.

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