The Best Motorbike Events and Shows across the World

Looking at motorcycles and watching motorcycle events on TV are just one way to enjoy biking But if you want to kick it up a couple of notches, consider visiting some of the best motorbike events and shows across the world. These events are all open to spectators and if you want to participate with your bike, we say GO FOR IT!

The Best Motorbike Events and Shows

Below find some of the best motorbike events and shows across the world. Remember that before you enter these events with your own bike to be sure to connect with local authorities for any fees or permits you may to secure.

Enduropale Le Touquet

The Enduropale Le Touquet is set in Le Touquet, Stella and Merlimont, France, and is perhaps the biggest beach-set motorbike race worldwide. It may even be considered one of the biggest motorcycle events ever. If you ever find yourself in the mood for the sun and motorbikes, then France is the destination to go.

The event started in 1975, and it’s now more than 40 years old. Its fame is not for show, though, as it constantly attracts more than 1,000 racers – yes, all racing at the same time – in full view of 300,000 to half a million viewers!

It’s not just plain racing, however. The race involves a 14-kilometer course that runs on various sand dunes and beaches across the Opal Coast of France. Both amateurs and professionals can join the competition, which allows even newcomers to compete with their idols.

Poags Hole Hillclimb

The Poags Hole Hillclimb in New York, United States, is just one of the many reasons why the United States is famous for its bike events. Don’t treat this race as if it’s a typical ride, though, as spectators may agree that it’s perhaps one of the thrilling must-sees for any motorcycle enthusiasts.

The event is essentially a climb to a 625-foot hill on a 75-degree incline towards the top. This is an extremely competitive race that will test the durability of some of the world’s best motorbikes.

Exotic bikes of the past have included Excelsior, Indian, and Harley-Davidson models – all eight-valve, alcohol-fueled beasts.

Naturally, this event is also extremely inviting for competitive bike modders. Some of them even have to pump out absurdly awesome 300-horsepower performances just to make it to the top. Bikes here have massive chains and bolts with paddle tires, and others are modified to look like they’re something out of a sci-fi movie. If you’re looking for an exciting event with a lot of cool bikes that are customized to the fullest, this event is for you.

Dirt Quake

Dirt Quake in Norfolk, United Kingdom is a new event compared to the others in this list. However, it’s not something to take lightly, as it takes a lot of the appealing aspects of other events and adds its own twist.

The event started officially in 2012 but has expanded in other countries such as Australia and United States. Interestingly, the event, in the truest sense of the phrase, is not to be taken too seriously. The rules are simple and it has a ton of fun waiting for spectators. You can really just bring any kind of motorcycle you want!

The rules have the capability of being switched up every year, but the formula is the same. Bikers can even wear funny costumes alongside their ridiculous (yet sometimes supercharged) bikes. The track where they will race is a dirt track, which is extremely inappropriate for some of the bikes. However, the spirit of fun is the priority in Dirt Quake, and that’s what makes it special.

Serres Rally

Serres Rally in Serres, Greece is the motorbike event that tells us that there are still rallies out there that allow the non-professional to experience the feeling of the Dakar Rally without being overwhelmed. The Serres Rally is built to be difficult, but something even newcomers can tackle.

The course is 1700-kilometers long challenge which could be a monstrosity for some since it can take as long as seven days to complete while taking riders to various terrains in the beautiful region of Serres located in Central Macedonia.

If you’re not up for the extremely competitive parts of Serres Rally, there are actually amateur races that can give exactly the same thrill of the Rally but not in its extreme fashion. This is perfect for those who want to have a more leisurely time and yet feel the thrill of the course.

If you’re a motorbike enthusiast, then the above best motorbike events and shows across the world should be in your bucket list. Strap on your helmet and book your tickets because these shows are a wild ride, with the hottest bikes and the biggest personalities in the industry that you could meet and mingle with. There might be even hardcore fans like yourself in those events, and what better way to express your love for motorbikes than with others?

Megan Neilsen – Meg is a motorbike and car enthusiast who loves anything vehicle related. She enjoys writing and enjoys riding on her motorbike on the weekend. She has a young family and enjoys life.

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