Best Car Key Finders

Not being able to find your car keys or even outright losing them is never a great experience. What begins as a slight worry can escalate into blind panic quickly, especially if you’re in a hurry to go somewhere. Did you know that there is such a thing as a car key finder that can ensure you never lose your keys again?

Key finders are tiny tracking gadgets that you can attach to your keyring or other easy-to-lose items such as wallets and purses. When you press a button, the finder sounds an alarm, beep, or chirp to lead you to your lost item. There are many various models, makes, and types of trackers to suit your unique needs.

How They Work

Key finders come with a device that you attach to your keys, known as a receiver and a remote or locating device. The locating device is used to send out a signal that “finds” the receiver using either Bluetooth technology or radio frequency transmissions. Newer versions of key locators use radio frequency data identification (RFID) technology or, in other words, local electromagnetic fields to mark locations. While some key finders use a dedicated locating device, others rely on your smartphone. Trackers with a dedicated remote often have a wider range but will have to keep track of another gadget.

Types of Key Finders

Bluetooth Key Locators
Bluetooth trackers need to be connected to your smartphone and are controlled by using an app. The apps include advanced features like out-of-range notifications and map locations. They use the location service or GPS on your phone to tell you your keys’ current location.

You can also use the sensor on your keys to ping and find your smartphone. They have a wide range but do not work effectively when physical obstructions are in play or when you have switched off the location services on your phone.

RFID Key Locators
These work similar to the Bluetooth trackers and use small tiles or stickers to tag on your items instead of standalone receivers. They are perfect as they don’t make any sound and are tiny and passive devices. The sticker has to be paired with a locating device to work.

Radio Frequency (RF) Key Finders
RF trackers that use radio signals do not require the use of an app or a smartphone. Instead, they come with a dedicated tracking device that is very easy to set up. The tracking gadget emits a radio signal, which locates your lost item. The receiver responds by sounding an alarm or lighting up.

Audible Key Finder
This is the least common type of key locator—all parts of the device act as both a transmitter and receiver. The finder discharges a chirping sound. When the receiver hears the chirp, it chirps in response. It uses neither Bluetooth nor radiofrequency.

Top 5 Best Key Finders

Tile is a world’s best-selling key finder for a variety of reasons. First, it uses Bluetooth technology, which is very convenient as you can map your keys’ exact location. You also have access to a tile user community that can help you find your keys when out of Bluetooth range. Again, there are several variations of tile key trackers that work for a variety of objects.

The Chipolo Classic Bluetooth Key Finders are best known for their very loud alarms, making it hard to misplace your keys. The tracker is very thin, water-resistant, compatible with most popular virtual assistants, and generates out-of-range notifications to alert you when you leave your keys behind.

Esky Key Finders
This key finder is simple and easy to use. It employs radiofrequency technology to track items. The RF can easily penetrate physical obstructions, and its receiver generates a loud beep and flash to make it easier to locate your possession even in the dark. The tracker comes with a four-button transmitter sitting on its stand and four color-coded receivers.

Click ‘n Dig Key Finder
The Click ‘n Dig anti-lost tracker is perfect if you need to keep track of several items around your home. It comes with two loud receivers and one hand-held transmitter. It works on radio waves and locates items through walls, doors, and most furnishings.

KeyRinger Key Finder
It is easy to use the tracker with a very loud ringer. It comprises two identical devices paired to each other and set off alarms on one another. The devices can be attached to critical rings using a plastic loop on the device or adhesive tape to other objects.

Final Thoughts

This information should guide you to find the best key finder for your unique needs. However, it is essential to note that an auto-lost tracker should not be used for security reasons as it doesn’t deter thieves. Getting an extra set of keys using a long-key chain and putting your keys in the same place every day could also help you avoid losing them.

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