ATE Racket Report for August 5, 2019

The ATE Racket Report is a weekly feature of the NMA blog. We want to bring the issues of automated traffic enforcement to our supporters in a more coherent up-to-date fashion.  

Compiled by NMA Foundation Director James C. Walker and NMA Communications Director Shelia Dunn. 

Headlines from July 27 – August 2, 2019








Commentary from NMA Foundation Executive Director James C. Walker

BC and other Canadian provinces have jumped on more use of the for-profit camera rackets, and some analysts call them what they are—cash grabs.

Ohio remains a hotbed of controversy with the ticket camera rackets.  Some cities have suspended or shut down their rackets with the new law that the state withholds funding in the amount of camera loot.  Others are challenging the new law in court—and Dayton seems to have gotten a restraining order to continue the rackets during court challenges. Linndale, perhaps the most larcenous ticket city, wants to use hand held speed cameras for more loot. The problem is a too-strong “home rule” law that won’t let state law shut down the rackets.

James C. Walker is a life member of the National Motorists Association. He is also a board member and executive director of the National Motorists Association Foundation.

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