ATE Racket Report for August 26, 2019


Special Announcement:

Our friend and guiding light for the ATE Racket Report, James C. Walker, the NMA Foundation Executive Director, and staunch advocate of motorists everywhere has died. He will be sorely missed with his always unique angle in his commentary on this very blog. To learn more about his life, click HERE.


The ATE Racket Report is a weekly feature of the NMA blog. We want to bring the issues of automated traffic enforcement to our supporters in a more coherent up-to-date fashion.  

We love to hear from you about the report. Please feel free to comment below the post. ____________________________________________________________________ posted an editorial last week that outlined how red-light cameras undermine the rule of law. The NMA agrees and feels that most RLCs programs are created to provide a way to “police for profit” for city coffers instead of for safety which is always seems to be the reason. posted a special report on how many small towns across America rely on policing for profit in order to operate.

Communities Across the Country Reject Automated License Plate Readers –Any wonder! These devices can track you going and coming. The data collected has no purpose for over 95 percent of the license plate numbers collected.

NMA friend Joe Cadillic reported this week on his blog that Zendrive Can Turn Drivers Smartphones into Insurance Surveillance Devices.

Introduced at DEFCON, a clothing line designed to confuse surveillance cameras of all stripes. This fashion statement received a great deal of press.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation called on the state of California to end vendor-driven automated license plate training. Apparently, there is just one company that the state has been using for this training for police. The NMA applauds this effort by the EFF!

Unfortunately, Sacramento, California’s city council has contracted a new vendor for their RLC camera program which has been in disarray for the past five months. The NMA received mention in this TV report. The Sacramento Bee also mentioned us with a link to the NMA red-light cameras issues page.

In other ATE Racket Report News last week…

Athens, Alabama police and schools are cracking down on impatient drivers around school buses by using mounted cameras. reported this week that the state of Colorado had issued a cease and desist order to Redflex for practicing traffic engineering without a license.

A report finds that Atlanta, Georgia leads the nation in surveillance cameras per capita.

Red-light cameras continue to expand in Illinois. Orland Park puts in another RLC. An agreement has been reached for another RLC contract in Rosemont and RLCs return to Wauconda.

All South Bend, Indiana school buses now have stop-arm cameras to catch motorists who pass by when the arm is extended.

The NY DMV has asked that residents vote on a new driver’s license plate among five designs that all would be more readily visible to ALPRs and toll transponders. The backlash has already begun primarily for the new fee involved in getting the plate. Also, NYC school buses are now all equipped with GPS tracking.

More hand-wringing in Ohio over ATE and several pending lawsuits. The folks posted this story: Ohio AG Moves To Save Law That Defunds Speed Cameras.

Providence, RI has turned on some more speed cameras and for some reason placed a couple of the news signs in the middle of the sidewalk, which has neighbors upset and rightly so!

The Hory County, SC auditor’s office will be trolling school parking lots with their new automated license plate reader to crack down on school employees and parents with out-of-state plates in school zones.

School buses in Luray, Virginia are now equipped with school bus stop arm cams to catch drivers who pass illegally.

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