ATE Racket Report for April 15, 2019

The ATE Racket Report is a weekly feature of the NMA blog. We want to bring the issues of automated traffic enforcement to our supporters in a more coherent up-to-date fashion.  

Compiled by NMA Foundation Director James C. Walker and NMA Communications Director Shelia Dunn. 

For the Week of April 6-12, 2019












New York





Washington State

Commentary from NMA Foundation Executive Director James C. Walker

Comment I added to the article about Phoenix extending their ticket cameras.

Phoenix remains addicted to the loot literally stolen from mostly safe drivers with deliberately mis-engineered traffic lights and enforcement parameters aimed at giving most tickets to drivers who endangered no one. The cameras are predatory for-profit rackets that no one should tolerate for any reason.
Menlo Park just became the 81st California community to end or ban red-light cameras, leaving only 28 of the active rackets in a state that once had over 100 programs. Despite being home to two of the largest for-profit camera racket companies, Arizona needs to abandon the rackets statewide.
James C. Walker, National Motorists Association

The good guys won in Menlo Park as they became the 81st California community to end or ban red-light cameras, leaving only 28 active rackets in a state that once had 105.

The $$$$ won in San Leandro and San Francisco where programs are being continued or extended.

If Colorado law remains as is, some ticket camera victims can protect their wallets by not allowing themselves to be personally served within 90 days of the alleged offense, at which point the tickets become invalid. A famous financial expert published an opinion that is very skeptical of the claims of greater safety.

A handful of Senators have blocked bills to ban the red-light camera rackets in Florida for the fourth year in a row. We have to push city-by-city to end the scams.

A similar situation exists in Texas but has not been totally settled for 2019.

Stop arm camera supporters continue to ignore the fact that 63+% of child pedestrian fatalities in School Transportation Related Crashes are killed by the bus drivers, not by passing car drivers. WHY? Because there are no profits in paying for expensive electronic systems to stop bus drivers from running over kids.

Washington State is another place where ending the for-profit rackets of red-light cameras is unlikely at the state level. Local residents have to help kill the rackets city by city with strong, sustained objections.

James C. Walker is a life member of the National Motorists Association. He is also a board member and executive director of the National Motorists Association Foundation.

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