Why You Should Always Go to the Doctor After a Crash

When you’ve been through a car crash, you just want to put it behind you. Nevertheless, there are crucial steps you need to take to protect yourself in case a serious injury surfaces down the road.

No one wants to come away from a wreck with injuries, but even if you’re the type who never gets a checkup, deeming yourself fit without visiting a doctor is a mistake. The potential consequences of not getting a professional opinion could affect you and even your family, which is why it’s so important to get checked out.

The Danger of Hidden Injuries

Many times, when you’re in a low-speed crash, you come away with a seatbelt bruise and never stop to think about how hard your head hit the dash in that split second. That’s a mistake, because head and neck injuries are exactly what you should be most concerned about.

While superficial injuries like scrapes and bruises are extremely common in a crash, they typically heal soon after the incident. Head and neck injuries, however, might not even exhibit symptoms for weeks after you’ve been in an accident. They could even get worse without you knowing it.

Legal Implications of Car Crash Trauma

Legal action is the most important reason to visit the doctor without delay. The law only guarantees you the most help in the case of a long-term injury if a medical professional examines you within 72 hours of a wreck. In other words, you need to get to a doctor within three days.

What could happen if you don’t? Imagine you come away from a wreck with a little strain in your back, but that strain gets progressively worse. If you have the support of a proper professional examination when you go to court, you can receive compensation for advanced spinal therapy treatments that will allow you to continue doing the things you love.

The Downside of Not Seeing a Doctor

If you neglect to see a doctor within 72 hours, you are not eligible to receive the same level of compensation. In a best-case scenario, that might be OK. With modern vehicle safety features, it’s possible you’ll come away without long-term injuries and won’t need the money.

If, however, you can’t provide results of a professional exam within three days of your accident, you won’t be able to prove a strong connection between the crash you were in and the injuries you’re suffering from. You’ll be stuck paying for whatever treatment you need with less compensation, potentially even none.

That’s not something anyone wants to go through. Your health is critical to your quality of life, and has a long-term impact on your loved ones, as well. You don’t want to look back and think “what if,” all over a simple visit to the doctor.

No matter how busy you are, how good you feel or how much you hate doctor’s offices, the consequences of not getting checked out aren’t worth a few minutes of your time. Do it for peace of mind, if no other reason.

From Scott Huntington, a guest NMA blogger who is an automotive writer from central Pennsylvania. Check out his work at Off The Throttle or follow him on Twitter@SMHuntington

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