A Used Child Car Seat May Not be the Right Child Car Seat

Having a new baby is one of the most joyous times any parent will ever experience. It can also be one of the most expensive. For this reason, many parents seek out ways to save money. And buying a used child car seat is often one of those ways.

Car seats for children can be expensive and children often grow out of them only to require a new one before parents feel as though they have gotten their money’s worth. However, Car Seats Colorado is taking the opportunity to tell parents that while these seats may be easier on their wallets, they are not always the safest option.

Child car seats are intended to keep children safe while traveling in a vehicle. However, that safety can only be provided when car seats are not compromised and when they are properly installed. When a car seat has not been installed properly or has become damaged, it may not restrain a child properly and can be unsafe.

One of the biggest factors that can compromise a child’s car seat is if it has been in an accident. And it can be difficult to know whether or not a used car seat has been. With so many available in thrift and second-hand stores, it can be impossible to know the history of a car seat, if it has ever been in an accident, and whether it is as safe as when it first hit store shelves.

One element of child car seat safety that new parents can research is if the seat has ever been recalled. CarSeatsColorado.com has a list of recalls that parents should search before buying a used seat. But still, the website cannot tell a parent whether a used car seat they are considering has been fixed, or if the recall has been addressed.

A little-known fact about car seats is that they have an expiry date. The materials of the seat can wear down and when car seats are tested, they are tested to determine if it will remain safe for only a certain period. Like any other product, car seats will not remain in like-new condition forever.

Those wishing to purchase, donate, or sell a used car seat should always ensure that it has the original owner’s manual. This can help parents inheriting the seat to ensure that it is installed properly, and that it still contains all its original parts. Reading the owner’s manual can also tell parents whether the car seat has any special instructions as some, but not all, do.

But it is not all bad news for parents wishing to make the life of a newborn a little more affordable. While buying a used child car seat is possible, it simply requires a little more work to ensure that the car seat will be safe for their child. Because unfortunately, too many of them are not.

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