9 Useful Items to Keep in Your Car This Winter

No matter where live during the winter, you have the possibility of encountering icy and snowy roads along with freezing temperatures. The winter season has the potential to be dangerous, especially if your vehicle and you are not adequately prepared.

During winter, scraping the ice or snow from car windows might be a daily routine. Having some tools in your car will certainly help with the daily winter chores, but you might need extra items in case you get stuck somewhere. Think about adding some or all of these items to your vehicle’s winter kit this season.


Keep a shovel in your car during the winter months. If your vehicle gets stuck in snow, or you want to clear a path, a shovel comes in quite handy. A compact and foldable shovel in your truck is the perfect tool for this type of emergency.

Snowbrush and ice scrapper

A snowbrush and ice scrapers should never be missing in your car during winter. Clearing off snow and ice from the front and back lights, mirrors, windows, and even the top of your vehicle before driving is mandatory and the law in many areas. Clearing the snow helps you see clearly through the windows. Also, snow will not fly off your vehicle and hit someone else’s, impeding their safety. Any obstruction could affect your drive and could lead to an accident.


The dark comes early during winter. A flashlight is useful for signaling to passing cars and is essential when you are digging around the car in the dark, dealing with a problem under the hood, changing your tire, or jumping your car’s battery or someone else’s. Keep a flashlight that shines brightly and make sure you have extra batteries just in case.

Good spare tire

One of your car maintenance essentials that you can’t do without during winter (or anytime) is a spare tire. Make sure the spare is in good condition and aired up so it can be used immediately. Along with your spare tire, you also need a tire jack, tire pressure gauge, and other useful tools.

Jumper cables

Jumper cables are absolutely essential in winter. The cold weather easily affects a car’s battery. Jumper cables are an emergency battery booster that you should keep in your car always, not just to help yourself but others who are in need.

Tool kit

Your car’s tool kit is an all-time essential that should be kept in your car during every season of driving. You don’t have to be a mechanic to have a tool kit. A small tool kit can be used to fix minor issues yourself such as tightening a loose bolt.

The essentials: pliers, wrenches, screwdriver, a hazard triangle and/or LED flasher and so on. You can make your tool kit or buy a toolkit from a retail shop.

First aid kit

Keeping a first aid kit in your car is smart. If you are injured in a crash, you can use this kit to take care of yourself and other accident victims. During the winter months, especially in a major weather event, emergency response might be slower than usual. Administering first aid before help can arrive might make a big difference

Blankets and extra weather clothes

In the winter, always carry a blanket for each person riding in your car that can easily be used to cover yourself and your family up when you need to stop and fix something outside the car, stranded inside the car, or if you are in a crash and cannot leave the scene.

When you are too cold, you are less focused on what to do next, a blanket during a winter emergency will help you think of a solution faster instead of worrying about keeping warm. Other useful items to keep warm include: extra hand gloves, sweatshirts, socks and one-time use only hand warmers.

Kitty litter

If your tires keep spinning on snow or lose traction in any situation, spreading a bit of kitty litter will help. Spread it near your tire or in the path to give your car extra grit to gain traction and keep you moving. It is an easy solution that is very handy in winter.

Of course, you can’t be prepared for everything, but you can be better prepared with a little more planning and the purchase of some additional gear for winter driving. The list above is the basics. You may need more if you are going on a very long journey.

What do you carry in your car in the winter time that is not on this list? Tell us below in the comments section!

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Photo attribution: Kendra Williams/OFFUTT AIR FORCE BASE, Neb.

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