7 New Auto Tech Products to Watch In 2020

This past decade was a trendsetter in the automobile revolution and modernization. Each year, automakers launch new vehicles in the market, but with the whirl of technology, these vehicles embrace new and diverse technologies. The year 2020 started with a massive spin and brought a slew of revolutionary products that will renovate vehicles even more.

These new technologies are making vehicles faster, safer, and autonomous. It will increase not only the product’s fidelity but also the automotive experience of patrons.

Here are seven automotive products to watch in 2020.

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are the definitive future of the industry. To accomplish an ideal AV experience, vehicles must be capable enough to comprehend its surroundings and see the roads flawlessly. ADASKY viper, an infrared thermal camera system, will allow cars to recognize other road elements such as other vehicles, animals, objects, and pedestrians on the road.

It captures VGA images up to 60 frames per second. Their ISO 26262 ASIL-B ready cameras guzzle less than 750mW of power.

RAM Quick-Grip Wireless Charger
Many of us struggle when we are on the go with charging our smartphones. RAM Mount Quick-Grip Wireless Charger is water-resistant and adaptable for cars, bikes (and e-bikes), and boats. This charger cradles your phone like a baby, protecting it from any circumstance while it is doing its work on the go. The RAM is offering different features, and gear for cars and bikes.

Bosch 3D Display For Automotive
At CES 2020, Bosch introduced a 3D display that uses the reflexive multi-view 3D technology to spawn three-dimensional graphics. With this technology, there would be no need for special cameras or 3D glasses. Bosch states that the 3D effect will be visible to most people sitting in the vehicle from several angles without blurring and shaking, and is adjustable according to the possessor’s preference. This technology can enhance the safety of the car and the person who is driving.

Hyundai Remote Smart Parking Assist
What if your car could park itself? Does this question astonish you?

Hyundai introduced at CES 2020, a remote smart parking assistant. With the help of this system, cars park themselves without the help of any human being. The vehicles with this function do not need anyone behind the wheel and can automatically park in any parking situation.

This innovation inches us ever closer to an AV future.

Firefly Bluetooth Receiver
Firefly is the tiniest music speaker in the entire world, and now you can add Bluetooth to your vehicle’s audio system using Firefly. You need a device with AUX input and a USB power source to stream music this way via a smartphone. Nifty device if you want to hear your tunes while driving.

Nextbase 612gw Dash Cam
Dash cams are used now all over the world. They help owners prove what happened during a traffic accident and other types of issues that might occur. The NEXTBASE 4k quality dash cam makes it easier to record and transfer video footage to your smartphone or PC.

Arteck Car Jump Starter 8000mah
Battery dies—what do you do? In the past, you needed another car and a pair of jumper cables, or you needed to call a mechanic for car repair.  Now, you don’t need anyone if you have the Arteck Car Jump Starter 8000mah. On a single charge, this little device can jump start your vehicle up to 20 times. Comes with built-in clamps and heavy-duty cables. It can also charge your other electronics such as smartphones, cameras, tablets, headphones, gaming devices and has a built-in flashlight for emergency circumstances.

Not just these, you can find a lot of other new auto tech products for your automobile.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, the evolution of technology has dramatically influenced the automobile industry.

Now that you know the best and most recent auto tech products to watch in 2020, it is essential to start investing them.

We all wish to have the best vehicles with the most recent technology. So if you are planning to get a new car or want to renovate your old one, then make sure to include all these amazing tech products in your vehicles. These products will not only help you in a happy driving but a safe driving as well.

Shawn Mack is a content writer who offers ghostwriting, copy-writing, and blogging services. His educational background in business and technical field has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics. He occasionally writes articles for Runbidsell, A vehicle exporters company. 

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