6 Ways to Keep Your Car’s Mechanical Components Pristine

For a car to live its expected timespan, or maybe even surpass it, you need to prioritize regularly maintaining it. These are six ways to keep your car’s mechanical components pristine:

Prevent the engine from overheating 

The engine is the most vital part of a car because it enables the vehicle to function in general. Neglecting an engine shortens the lifespan of it and can lead to more breakdowns. Therefore, you should clean the injection often since it distributes fuel and air necessary to help the engine run. Also, inspect your spark plugs to make certain they are emitting electricity to simultaneously power the engine. Finally, depending on your driver’s manual, never miss getting an oil change within the recommended amount of time.

Validate that the brakes are functioning properly 

By far the most important safety feature of a car is its braking system. You never want to find yourself in a situation unable to stop your vehicle, which can cause you or another person’s injury or death. Look out for these common problems and take action to fix them immediately: locked or spongy feel, grinding or high-pitched squealing noises, difficult stopping, or a sudden short brake-pedal height difference. Fortunately, brake parts can easily be replaced and repaired, so you don’t need to worry about any long-term problems.

Check your tires regularly

Make sure your tire pressure is never too under-inflated. If they are, your tires may pose a serious hazard to your safety. Under-inflated tires increase roll resistance and force the engine to use an excess amount of fuel just to keep the car moving forward. If you need a quick way to check your tire pressure, use tire tread tricks, such as measuring how far a penny can fit in-between the tread ribs. You use Lincoln’s head as a guide. Hold the penny with Lincoln’s head pointing downward and place it between the tread ribs; if his head disappears, then your tires are still good to go. If you can see his entire head, that indicates the tire requires air.

Maintain the cooling system

Flush and refill the radiator every year, and routinely clean it. Doing so will guarantee that you ensure that your coolant/antifreeze is always in equilibrium. Furthermore, look closely at the radiator cap – it should be tightly screwed on. The radiator cap helps to maintain the proper pressurization in the radiator. Without that small feature, the engine will fail.

Take care of the air conditioning system

Over time, air conditioners will naturally accumulate moisture and mildew which will emit a moldy smell. Despite the fact, the situation can be remedied by simply turning on the defroster daily for a few minutes since it cleans out the moisture content. Moreover, every two years, the cooling system should be refreshed with lubricant and gas. Lastly, when the summer months arrive or you’re about to embark on a road trip, get a complete air-conditioning service at the auto-shop.

Check the battery periodically

Without a healthy battery, the car won’t start. First, check to see that the battery is securely in place at all times. Otherwise, the vibrations from your vehicle will damage it prematurely. In conjunction, corrosion naturally collects around the battery and cleaning that build-up is imperative. If you plan on cleaning the battery yourself at home, use a solution mix of baking soda and water. But be careful: don’t let the mixture get into the actual battery itself.

The best thing you can do for your car is to take care of it. Doing so not only ensures that you will have a reliable mode of transportation for years to come, but will remain safe driving it at the same time.

Trevor McDonald is a freelance writer who has written for a variety of automotive, travel, and lifestyle publication, and is currently working with Hyundai Atlanta. An auto-enthusiast and self-proclaimed “gear-head”, Trevor loves working on cars and writing about the ensuing test-drive. In his free time, you can find Trevor working in the garage or lifting weights at the gym.

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