5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘Green Cars’

A few decades ago, electric cars seemed like a distant, very futuristic reality. Hollywood envisioned these as flying vehicles, with automatic features and many gimmicks that people could only dream of.

The reality isn’t so farfetched really.  Electric cars are here, and these are helping us save on petrol, reduce our carbon footprint and lower pollution. These are powerful, luxurious vehicles, ushering in a modern era of transportation, exceeding all expectations of car lovers.

Electric cars also cost a lot less when it comes to mileage, contrary to popular misconceptions. Here are a few more facts to help you better understand the phenomenon that is electric cars.

EVs Don’t Drain the Grid

Recharging an electric car will not add a significant amount to your energy bills. In fact, you will be spending what you would if you had 4 plasma TVs in your home, running 24/7. Also, the battery costs for EVs are decreasing quickly. Electric Vehicles are fast becoming a lot more affordable than petrol and diesel vehicles. You can expect to pay less than $350 per kilowatt per hour.

They’re more Fuel-Efficient

That’s right. Refueling an electric car is easier on your wallet. Gas powered vehicles are 20 percent fuel efficient, even on their best days. Electric cars, on the other hand, deliver a stellar 80 percent fuel efficiency.

The final numbers really depend on your own car’s mileage per gallon, but estimates show that a 100 mile trip in a petrol powered vehicle will cost you a little over $10. An electric vehicle will set you back $3 to $4 per one hundred miles! That is awesome.

The latest EVs can be fully charged in an hour

When the electric vehicle movement started, we heard of cars that had to be left plugged in the whole night through. But fast forward to 2017, and the EV market has wholly revolutionized itself. Take, Tesla for example. The latest Tesla EV has electric batteries that are fully charged in 50 minutes at a supercharging station.

You Can Recharge anytime

It’s a myth that recharging your electric car’s battery during the daytime will ruin it. The fact of the matter is that electric vehicles can be charged during the day, at night or whenever you need to charge them. However, it is cheaper overall to charge your car at night. But the only reason for that is the fact that the demand for electricity is much lower at night and this is also when renewable power sources might be feeding the electricity grid in your area. A full charge from your home’s electrical socket can take several hours, so why not do it while you are catching the Z’s?

EVs are Clean AND Green

Think about it, as the owner of an electric vehicle, you will be less dependent on fossil fuels. Your transportation will also be emitting 30 percent less carbon dioxide. Planet-friendly electric cars are here to stay.

And there you have it, five exciting facts about electric vehicles that make them better and more efficient than their gas-powered counterparts.

Carla Adams is an enthusiastic dreamer and a workaholic to achieve that. She is a passionate blogger, writer, basketball player, technology, and fashion freak. She has contributed to many reputed blogs and is constantly on the lookout to reach authoritative blogs around. Currently, she is associated with Equip Sells It, Heavy machinery and equipment dealer in Sanford, Florida for their blog operations. For all the updates follow her on Twitter @CaCarlaadams and become friends on Facebook.

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  1. Mike says:

    OK, so how do you recharge when:

    1.The power is out.
    2.There is a mass evacuation.
    3.You run out of charge sitting in traffic.