5 Important Things You Should Keep in Mind Renting a Car for a Road Trip

When you are planning your trip, a car means complete freedom of action. You are no longer tied to organized tour groups and popular routes. Renting a car for a road trip is the best way to see the unique places of a particular country that are not marked on tourist maps and guidebooks. You will be able to become real antique road trip experts. However, this handy opportunity has pitfalls. Below we have collected five tips that will help to make your road trip on a rented car as comfortable as possible.

Assess the Condition of the Car Before Renting
Be sure to check the condition of the car you are taking for a trip. Сonduct a full inspection of the car for scratches and chips. All this should be recorded in the document on the transfer of the car to the tenant. In the opposite case, when you return the car, you will be responsible for each scratch.

Make Sure You Are Not Going to Overpay
The industry of car rental is constantly growing. It is forecasted that the global car rental fleet size will reach 6.24 million vehicles to 2020. In order to find the most profitable offer for your road trip, use special sites or aggregator applications. As in this case, you want to look for the most popular apps for car sharing and rental. Here is the list of the most reliable solutions. These applications search for rental offices in a particular city and offer the most profitable options. Be sure to use route planner car apps as well.

Remember the Subtleties of the Traffic Rules
Even if you are an experienced driver, traffic rules in different countries may be unexpected for you. It is also useful to read about the driving style of the locals – sometimes it is very different from the established rules. You can also watch some travel movies and use a trip planner in order to gain the first impression on the country you are going to visit.

Plan Your Road Trip Attentively
When renting a car for a road trip, the lease agreement will state what roads you can drive. Perhaps driving on country roads and dirt roads will be prohibited. If while driving on forbidden roads you damage the car, the insurance will not cover the damage caused to the car.

Be Careful With the Documents
The first thing you should not do when renting a car for a road trip is to pledge any documents. If you received such an offer, it is better to immediately refuse this service, otherwise, you may lose more than the penalty for refusing to rent. In addition, there is a chance that you will be a victim of fraudsters.

Renting a car for a road trip is a cool opportunity to see the best places. In any case, we kindly recommend you be careful, make a deal with reliable companies only, read the documents you are signing, stay alert while driving and have interesting pass time during your road trip.

Have we forgotten something? Feel free to share your personal tips on road trips and leave comments!

Thomas Glare is a case-hardened traveler and blogger. He has visited a lot of countries across the globe and gladly shares all his traveling experiences with his readers.

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