10 Most Interesting Things Made by Car Companies Besides Cars

Every car company has at least once made a little field trip in other industries, it is one of the main proofs that one company is doing great. No matter if the company is doing that to advertise, to spend their fortune or to spread their knowledge, any car company will find a reason to produce something different and new. Here are 10 things you would never believe were made by car companies.



The Foosball table is one of the most popular games for the last decade and people are playing it like never before. Audi saw the value of this game and they saw the opportunity to use the game for their gain. Together with the Leonhart, a famous German foosball company, they created a special edition foosball table, produced in only 20 units. The table is made from high-end materials with a special Audi design and logo.



A BMW sister company is located in the USA and it is under the name BMW Designworks. They developed numerous interesting designs but one the most interesting one perhaps is the BMW bobsled. The sleek design, similar to cars, is all about speed and aerodynamics, but no need for an engine and mechanics. Why? Bobsleds don’t have an engine and the only mechanics is for steering. The boys and girls in BMW Desingworks knew what they were doing because the USA Team used this design in the  2014 Winter Olympics.



Well, now that you have got your Audi foosball table, why don’t you buy a Toyota house as well? That won’t be a problem at all in Japan because Toyota is one of the largest building companies in one part of Japan. They are focused on the environment so they build their homes with minimum waste and since they are in Japan, they designed everything with earthquakes in mind.



When you think about McLaren the last thing that would pop into your mind would be a cartoon. But the folks at McLaren are full of surprises because they made a cartoon, which is hilarious! The name of the cartoon is Tooned and you can watch it on Youtube. Be careful, you might get addicted to it!



Honda has been making lawnmowers for a while and that is certainly not news. Recently, though Honda has been making news with their smart, robotic electric mowers called the Miimo. This year, Honda the Miimo Type R was released  to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the NSX Type R. Now you can have a Honda lawnmower with a carbon spoiler, vents, and triple exhaust.



Originally a pepper and salt mills company, Peugeot eventually found its way into making cars.  But that doesn’t mean the company has forgotten its origins. They are still producing peppermills and you can find the lion logo on peppermills in stores near you.



Germany is a country famous for sausages and cars and that is why the company decided to make Volkswagen ketchup and matching currywurst for all who love German cars and German cuisine. In 2014, Volkswagen sold over 7 million sausages so you can assume that the currywurst is pretty good.



How can we connect General Motors with birdhouses? Well, General Motors had a problem with recycling old battery covers. The process was so complicated that it had to be shut down, so they had to do something with the covers. Looking at the size and the shape of a cover, they decided to reuse the old covers and turn them into bird’s homes. Good job!



In 2014, Maserati had a 100th anniversary and they decided to celebrate it in very unique way. They made a special handmade horse saddle for the sport of kings – polo. The saddle was made by La Martina, the Argentinean polo brand and it was made for a special Maserati Centennial Polo Tour.



Bugatti is one of those brands which have luxury written all over so they wanted to make something luxurious and unique. In collaboration with Desvall, luxury hookah manufacturer, they made the limited edition “Bugatti by Desvall hookah pipe” which was made from glass, steel, carbon fiber, titanium and even leather. One hookah is priced at $100,000 and there are only 150 in the world.


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Mark Čop is a blogger who has a blog about foosball where he writes everything you need to know about foosball. From history of foosball to the tips on how to maintain your foosball table or improve your skills. All that and much more you can read on his blog called the Foosball Zone. If you want you can also contact Mark on his Twitter profile.

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