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In ten years of practice in Central Cal, I have defended 1000’s of traffic cases. In fact, all I do is traffic law. Here are the violations I defend the most:

-VC 22406 (speeding), VC 22348(c), and other violations for truckers
-Over 100 MPH (VC 22348(b) that can cause suspension, $1000’s in insurance costs, and result in 2 points if not defended effectively
-FTA’s (Failure to Appears) that put a hold on your license and cost $$$
-Normal speeding tickets that can cost you big money in insurance increases
-Driving without a license (VC 12500) and driving on a suspended (VC 14601.1, VC 14601.2, and VC 14601.5).

When your job is on the line or you are facing an insurance increase because of a ticket, you need to contact a traffic lawyer who regularly appears in the court where you received your ticket and knows the tricks of the trade in traffic law. Call me today at (661) 859-4347 for a free consultation on what you need to do to keep your driving record clean.

"I have a Class A drivers record. I need a clean driving record for my job. Over the last four years Traffic Lawyer Mark Bigger defended me on five tickets and kept me from getting a point on all of them. I trust Mark to do a great job defending my driving record. I recommend him to my friends and co-workers whenever they get a ticket. He knows traffic law and cares about providing good results." - Johnny, Commercial Driver from Kern County

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